Friday (Week 3 Term 1 )

Happy Chinese New Year!
We wish all our families a very happy new year.

Fantastic Friday was filled with fun …

Assembly and Chinese New Year

It was Mrs Higgs and Mr Pearce’s assembly today in the hall.  Some of our children were keen to see their big brother or sister on the stage.  Here are some pictures of the Dragon (aka Mr Stramare, Mr Coad and Mr Murray).

The children from year 2 and 3 who played at the Salisbury Parish Carnival last Sunday were invited to stand on the stage and talk about their experience.

Shared Reading
How the Birds Got Their Colours was shared via video (visual literacy) today. The story was told through pictures, music and sounds only.  We then listened to and made sounds for a ‘soundscape’ in our Drama lesson today.


What fun the class had today as they made sounds and  moved about.

Chinese New Year Food
Some children brought in some Asian specialty foods to share with their class mates.  Even though we did not have an official shared lunch, we thank the families who shared their cultural food with us.  Every child had a little taste of something!

Cultural and Country Investigations
In the afternoon, some of us went off to take part in rehearsals for a Harmony Day dance; it was awesome to see so many Year 3’s giving it a go and even though some students decided it wasn’t for them, we were proud they were brave and adventurous.

Meanwhile, back in class, we read the story of the Chinese New Year …

Then we had the opportunity to try out heaps of activities: practising drawing animals represented in the Chinese Zodiac; learning to count to ten in Chinese Mandarin; listening to traditional Chinese tales; finding out facts about China and its people and so on. We even watched 36000 Chinese children practise Kung Fu at their Kung Fu Academy School – very impressive and a real winner with the students!

Some of our students thought that this was ‘the coolest school ever!’

We will be continuing to learn about China next week in Country/Cultural Investigations: practising Chinese writing (Mandarin), Kung Fu mindfulness, atlas/map tasks, and making and playing Chinese Drums.

Have an awesome weekend one and all, especially if you are celebrating the New year with family and friends, or visiting the Adelaide Fringe (as some excited students in our class were looking forward to).

See you on Monday for Week 4!

Jo and Margot

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