Monday (Week 4 Term 1)

Maths Mini

This morning we played Dice Wars with a partner using Activinspire and the dice roller tool.  This activity required the students to subitise and recall basic number facts. We worked with a partner and tallied our scores.  It was fantastic to see every student adding on or counting on from the larger number.  Super work class!

Fitness – Go Noodle

Literacy  – Shared Reading 

Today we shared a new story with the class called The Day the Crayons Quit, by Drew Daywalt.  What a great story, I really enjoyed reading it to the children.

Our discussion after the story centred around the feelings of the crayons and how some of them were not happy.  We decided we wanted to make all the colours happy by using all of them in our own creative picture.

Kai: Green makes me happy because it is light and it stands out compared to other colours.

Kayla: Pink makes me happy because it is peaceful.

Dev: Blue makes me happy because it is my favourite colour and I use it a lot.

The students eagerly used the crayons to be creative, like Duncan in the story.  It was wonderful to see the pink dinosaurs and dragons.  We all noticed that Black Crayon was nowhere to be seen!! The mystery shall be solved in the next few days…


During our inquiry about Lent we made Lenten ‘promises’ today and remembered Father Shaboo’s advice from last Wednesday’s Mass about Fasting, Sharing and Praying.

Here we are making our Lenten promises and attaching them to our Lent Tree in our prayer space.  We will read our Promises at the end of Lent to see how we journeyed through this time.

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