Monday Week 5 Term 1

Good morning and welcome to week 5!  We have certainly had a busy few weeks and are looking forward to the rest of the term which will be just as busy, luckily with a couple of long weekends too.  Thank you for all your support in your child’s learning so far.  The children are eager learners and we are very lucky to have each one in our class.

Happy Birthday to Paxton for yesterday.  We hope you had a super day!


Literacy Investigations


Maths Mini

Today for mini maths the students added numbers and used their strategies of ‘friends of ten’ or ‘doubles’ to calculate their answers.  Some students added four numbers, some added three and some added two.


This afternoon’s learning linked to our melting experiments over the past couple of weeks, when solids changed to liquids.  We warmed up by discussing what is a solid, liquid and gas and how each is different to the other.  The children sorted solids, liquids and gases into groups.

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