Tuesday (Week 5: Term 1)

On a warm Tuesday, this was our learning line up. We also noticed there are just two days of summer and two days of February left. Thursday heralds the start of a new month and a new season!

Literacy Rotations
Our groups changed to the next activity this morning.  This is the last activity for this rotation.

3JH Inventors started a short novel by Anne Fine Diary of a Killer Cat. It was gruesome fun!

We can’t wait to find out what the family are going to do next with the dead rabbit, which they have washed and blow-dried with a hairdryer, following its arrival in the family home – as brought in by none other than the killer cat itself!

Maths Mini
Warm up:  Using the strategies of Friendly numbers (friends  of 10) and doubles – that’s what we look for when adding numbers together.

After recess we participated in class prayer.  Our class assistants Kayla, Blessings, Joshua and Marley helped set up for prayer today. We started by making the sign of the cross. We all sang Do To Others and discussed how some of the words and phrases are important messages for us to live by during Lent and in every other time during our lives.

Joshua – Thank you God for all the awesome children in the class and their lovely families. Amen. Lord Hear Us.

Kayla – Dear God, thank you for the world and all the people in the world.  Lord Hear Us

Kai – Thank you God for the trees so we have oxygen to breathe.  For Hear Us.

Melody – Dear God, thank you for the class and the children.  Lord Hear Us.

Riya – Thank you God for our souls so we can live in this beautiful world.  Amen.

Following our Country Investigations learning about China, today we practised drawing dragons … what artistic talent we have in our classes!

Abbey was a willing ‘guinea pig’ to try out the constructions stage of the colour changing gecko art work. She worked conscientiously with Mrs Handforth and WOW! look the result. Well done, Abbey!

In Numeracy we were comparing numbers using the greater than / less than and equals symbols. First we watched this video:

Then we practised comparing some numbers altogether before the students worked at differentiated levels to compare values on Flipcharts, fill in the missing numbers either side of the symbols and then consolidate their learning using a range of online numeracy games involving comparing numbers up to 10,000,000!

That brought us to the end of another busy day of learning in Rooms 42 and 43.

Best wishes, Jo and Margot

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