Thursday (Week 5: Term 1)

Welcome to Thursday, the first day of March and the first day of a new season: autumn. March brings lots more birthdays: Kai, Sreyleab, Michelle, Djaran, Bon, Kiara and Nikka all have birthdays in March.

March also is the month we celebrate St.Patrick’s Day and Harmony Day, one of our favourite days of the year here at Holy Family; the last week of March is also Holy Week with Palm Sunday and Good Friday falling in the final days of the month.

Phew! What a busy time we are going to have!

Today’s learning included:

It was very exciting to meet Gizmo this morning; Stefan’s little Pomeranian puppy, who was on his way to visit the vet for some injections. Lots of us had a little stroke and Mrs Handforth got lots of licks!

In Sport we continued to practise for the events we will participate in on Sports Day (Thursday, Week 11). This year students undertake the Middle Primary events which include: sprint; long jump; high jump; tug of war; obstacle/agility courses and team relays. Here are the team colours for 3JH and 3MP. A reminder that students may wear team colours and/or sports uniform on Sports Day.

We are looking forward to finding out who our Upper Primary Sports Captains will be and, of course, starting to learn our raucous chants!

3JH Sports Day Team Members

3MP Sports Day Team Members

In Library, we shared the book Sarah and the Steep Slope

Sarah wakes to find a steep hill has sprung up around the house overnight, preventing her from leaving. No matter what she tries, the hill won’t budge. When the Hill Doctor suggests she gets in touch with her friends, Sarah discovers how the healing power of friendship can transform the steepest slope. We thought this book had a beautiful message: When everything feels like an uphill battle, your friends will get you through.

3JH enjoying books in the library:

3MP in the library:

After brain food it was time for Numeracy. We revisited our place value work, ordering and comparing numbers, and using the greater than >, less than < and same as = symbols. Unfortunately, we then ran out of time for independent work, but we did address some misconceptions from yesterday: great learning!

After recess, it was time for Literacy. We got busy with our second round of rotations before shared reading today, so Mrs Moise, our English as an Additional Language support teacher, could support some of us with our learning during Lesson 4. In Lesson 5, we then enjoyed a re-reading of our shared text, The Day the Crayons Came Home.

Stefan did some awesome writing about the text he shared in guided reading yesterday. He worked really hard on his letter formation.

3JH’s Guided Reading group The Pirates – shared an awesome non-fiction book called Spitters about animals that use spit to create, defend, eat and attack. We all found out lots of new information and facts. Everyone read beautifully, and a special mention for Lucas and Sopheaktra, who joined The Pirates today and read a Level 25 confidently and clearly with a little help from their friends (Arnav, Emily and Nikos) for the occasional word.

After lunch we calmed down our bodies and minds in Mindfulness, which helped prepare us for the start of our Religion lesson.

We looked at our 40 days of Lent calendar and coloured the steps we have taken so far on our journey Walking the Lenten Path. We then listened to the story of Jesus being tempted in the desert. Then we watched a short animation of the story.

We reflected on our Lenten Promises, which we have made and hung on our Lenten display, and how sometimes this can be challenging. Mrs Papillo has given up hot chips for Lent, and she said she was very tempted to eat some at dinner last night, but resisted. Well done, Mrs Papillo

After a busy Thursday, we hope you all get some rest. Last day of week five tomorrow! How time flies.

Best wishes, Jo and Margot



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