Friday (Week 5 Term 1)

Welcome to fabulous Friday!

Here is the link to our school Newsletter:  Please take a look. Djaran (3JH) and his father, Garry, feature in the Show and Tell section this week.


Today 6/7NB and 6/7SM presented an assembly themed around a book we have all shared in the library recently call The Feather.  There was acting, dancing and narrating, as well as a wonderful iMovie showing the awesome dreamcatchers the 6/7 students made in class. We enjoyed it, especially the funny dance at the end.

Drama and Religion
The Temptation of Jesus in the Desert: listening, understanding, acting and writing.

The children listened to a story from the Bible, The Temptation of Jesus.  For the children to gain a deeper understanding of the story’s message, they formed groups of three and acted out the story.  The children were asked to imagine how hungry Jesus was and how being tempted may lead us to do wrong acts.

Then, the children expressed their understanding of the story through writing the story in their own words.  Mrs Papillo and Mrs Handforth were very impressed by all the children’s efforts.

Photographed by the children of Year 3.

Djaran’s visit to Parliament House with his family.
Today Djaran shared photographs of a special signing ceremony, which he attended at the South Australian Parliament House two weeks ago. The signing ( the Buthera Agreement) was between Aboriginal Peoples and the South Australian government, and Djaran’s father, Garry, gave a speech.  There is more information about this signing in our new school newsletter (Week 5: Term 1 Newsletter)

Ethan: Where’s the location?  Adelaide.

Isaiah: Did you have fun or feel bored? It was a bit boring.

Bon: Were you shy?   I’ve met these people before.

Nikos: How long to get there? About half an hour.

Amelia: Are you happy for your Dad?  Yes, I felt proud and happy.

Charlie: Did your Mum go?  Yes, she was there with us.

Riya: What did you take the photos?  Mum and Dad used their phones to take the photos.

Cultural Investigations
The students chose their learning for investigations this afternoon.  Some people chose cultural dancing and made fans to accessorise their dance moves.

Have an awesome weekend and see you on Monday for Week 6 (already!).

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