Monday (Week 6: Term 1)

Here is our March and Week 6 calendar and our daily learning timetable:

We had an exciting start to the morning with the arrival of Aussie, who brought lots of laughter and love to our classroom.

How cute is Aussie doing his laps of the class in his little bee outfit …

In Shared Reading we were discussing the concept of a paragraph and identified some paragraphs in our shared text. We then looked at the different coloured crayons and talked about the feelings/emotions that these colours evoke.

It was then time for Literacy Investigations.

In Maths Mini we were going to practise our adding and doubling/near doubling skills, but we ran out of time, so that will now the rescheduled for tomorrow 🙂

After recess it was time for Spanish and Music.

In the afternoon it was time for Science after a relaxing mindfulness session. To link with our learning about colour, today we explored colour changing milk.

Then we had a go at creating our own patterns with colour changing skittles after watching this short video for inspiration!

We recorded our before and after observations and we will be attempting to report what happened and why using words later in the week.

Malakhai took a video of the experiment he did with Kai and Joshua and airdropped it to Mrs Handforth. Here it is:

To finish up the day Joshua and Djaran shared their Minecraft constructions, and Bhavya shared a very colourful ActivInspire Flipchart she created at home.

Have a wonderful evening. See you tomorrow, Jo and Margot.

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One thought on “Monday (Week 6: Term 1)

  1. Aussie the pug was very excited on his first day at school meeting everyone and giving out lots of special Pug kisses. He really appreciated this wonderful opportunity in meeting you all and seeing the beautiful drawing of Aussie Thank you everyone and Tori for you wonderful masterpiece..

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