Tuesday (Week 6, Term 1)

Welcome to terrific Tuesday! The weather is warming up and we have another busy day.

Shared Reading
Today we looked closely at the letters to Duncan from the Crayons.  The class then had a go at writing one together.  But first, the class received one from a crayon lost in the Fish Farm!

Literacy Investigations

Maths Mini
We remembered how doubling numbers is an efficient way of counting and adding. Students added two numbers rolled on a 1-10 dice. They considered the total and tried to identify the double or near double for that total.

Prayer hosted by Lauren, Arrow, Minh-Vuong and Charlie.

Lilah:  Dear God, thank you for my family and friends.

Ethan:  Dear God, thank you for all my friends and my family.

Jamie:  Dear God, thank you for my parents because they help keep me alive!

Lauren:  Dear God, thank you for my friends and the wonderful class.

The children investigated addition problems today.  Some worked on basic addition sentences and others tried vertical addition ‘without carrying over’ and with ‘carrying over.’ It was wonderful to see all the students engaged, willing to take on a challenge and taking risks.

Today’s activity involved tinting and shading a base colour.  We were very busy and the outcome was amazing.  The basic understanding of this colour mixing exercise will lead us into the next colour activity.

The results…

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