Wednesday (Week 6: Term 1)

Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday in Rooms 42 and 43! Our learning today included:

Our Week 6  and March calendar look like this:

We rotated between art work and  investigations over the course of the morning.

Students were using their colour mixing skills and knowledge of shades and tints to create ice-cream sundaes moving from a central base colour and gradually getting darker (shade) and lighter (tint). These will be decorated with sprinkles, chocolate sticks, wafer biscuits and cherries once they are dry and in their cones.

Hopefully they’lll be even better than these by the time we finish!

Today’s investigations included Prodigy, weaving Silk, Minecraft Construction, making iMovies, paper planes, creating comics on Comic Life and art using PaintBrush. The second part of investigations involved working on Writer’s Workshop stories. They are some awesome books in the making.

We continued to develop our knowledge and understanding of the column method for addition. Some students were adding numbers which involved ‘carrying’ whilst others were practising setting out their calculations in columns, using their knowledge of place value to ensure digits were in the correct hundred, tens and ones columns. Another group were focusing on addition using 3 dice and adding the numbers rolled accurately, recording these as number sentences in their squared numeracy journals.

Sport and library tomorrow – don’t forget your black reading folder!


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