Thursday (Week. 6, Term 1)

Literacy Investigations
The children worked on their final literacy investigation today.

In Guided Reading the 3JH Inventors have been reading an Anne Fine novel, Diary of a Killer Cat. We finished the story today and selected on the point of view used int he novel; the story is told in the first person from the cat’s point of view. We considered how different it would be if the story was told from an alternative point of view and had a go at writing it from Tina, the cat owner’s, point of view.

The Diary of a Killer Cat’s Owner by Kai
Monday: I’m SO upset! My horrid cat, Tuffy has murdered a poor little bird … AGAIN.
Tuesday: Today I buried the bird and I wrapped it in cotton wool. I put it in a box and said a prayer 🙁
Wednesday: Not again! Now Tuffy killed a mouse. He should be called murder cat. I wish he wouldn’t do that. I’m so upset!!!

The Diary of a Killer Cat’s Owner by Jai
Monday: I am so upset! My stupid mean cat, Tuffy, killed a sweet bird with feathers all over it. The bird was so sweet. Tuffy not again!
Tuesday: I had a funeral for the sweet bird. I’m sad. I cried all the way through 🙁
Wednesday: What! Not again! Tuffy killed a mouse. My parents explained what we need to do. I’m really disappointed with my cat.

3JH Astronauts had finished reading Cat Chocolate in Guided Reading on Tuesday. Today they answered comprehension questions, using the text as a reference for their written responses. Everyone in the group worked well, but a special mention for Djaran who completed all 10 questions with a high level of accuracy and detail. Well done, Djaran!

A special mention also for Lauren, who persevered and completed all the questions independently within the lesson. Well done, Lauren!


After reflecting on the story of Jesus’ Temptation in the Desert, our class discussion centred on the place where Jesus prayed – the desert.  The provocation for the children: where can we pray and how can we pray to God?

Jesus prayed in a little garden and it was just before he died on the cross – Luka, Jai and Amelia

When he prayed in the desert for 40 days – Lia

With nature, trees and bushes – Kayla S

On the cross when he was dying – Djaran

At a table at the Last Supper – Michelle

Near a big lake on a rock or mountain with lots of people – Arrow

Enjoy the warm evening and see you tomorrow for Friday of Week 6 (already!).

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