Friday (Week 6: Term 1)

We have reached Friday of Week 6 already – time flies when you’re having fun and learning lots of new things! Here’s today’s learning timetable:

to Kai for today (Friday) and to Sreyleab for tomorrow (Saturday). We all wish you magical days filled with lots of fun and laughter (and cake and presents too!).

Today’s Assembly was presented by 6/7PN and 6/JW; it took the theme of The Chase. Everyone was impressed with the caricature art work of some of the teachers.

There were quite a lot of announcements at assembly too. Congratulations to the Holy Family Swim Team, including students from Years 3-7 inclusive, who performed brilliantly at a recent carnival, achieving first place.

Congratulations too, to the Year 6/7 students (and what a lot of them), who competed in the Cricket Competition. A team of Year 6/7 girls achieved first place overall in the Girls’ Competition and will now have the opportunity to play at the Adelaide Oval. Kushi (Year 7) hit six sixes when batting – WOW! In her first cricket game, Natalie bowled a hat trick – getting three players out in three balls – another WOW!

Finally, the student sport captains were announced for Sports Day. Congratulations to the successful students; we look forward to seeing your leadership skills in action on sports day.

The children participated in a few fun drama activities this morning.  Some children were confident enough to even improvise when ‘acting’ their part.  The students growth in confidence and ability to work in teams was wonderful to see!

We practised moving in different ways, imagining that we were being led by an invisible piece of string attached to different parts of our bodies, such as our noses, knees, elbows and stomachs.

Physical Theatre focuses on using movement for expression. The students are encouraged to use their body and sounds to create a short scene. The following videos are of groups of children in an elevator, loading up passengers and going for a ride.

Art Investigations
Whilst groups of children created beautiful art pieces, applying their knowledge of tints & shades, and using sequins, glitter, foil paper and sprinkles to decorate their ice-cream sundae creations,  the other children waited patiently for their turn to decorate, working on their Prodigy (mathematics) assignments and Writer’s Workshop compositions.

We had a very busy day and lots of creativity happening all round.

Djaran’s model of the Titanic; he made this with his mum, Sandy. What a fantastic model!

We have a number of students who are very interested in the ship Titanic and each has presented their knowledge using different modes, using their 100 languages, manifesting from their interest and knowledge; these have included model making, iMovies, Minecraft, sketches and drawings.

We hope you all have a very safe and restful weekend and we will see you all next Tuesday. Enjoy the hot weather and the extra day at the weekend.


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2 thoughts on “Friday (Week 6: Term 1)

  1. Hi Jo,

    Djaran was so proud of his creation with his mum, thanks for sharing this with the class.

    • It was a pleasure. Djaran, Isaiah and Stefan share a mutual love of all things Titanic and everyone was very impressed with Djaran’s model.

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