Tuesday (Week 7, Term 1)

Welcome to Week 7 and to this lovely fresh morning.  There is a lovely feeling about a cool autumn morning that turns into a mild and sunny day!  The term is starting to get busier in terms of our class preparing for assembly with whole school activities and events just around the corner.  This time of the year also reminds us of our journey through Lent, which brings us closer to Easter and Jesus’ resurrection.   A time central to the Catholic faith and our love for all human beings.

Happy Birthday to Sreyleab and Michelle, both 8 years of age!

Thank you to Michelle’s mum and grandma who delighted the class with a beautiful cake to celebrate Michelle’s birthday.  They cut it up for the children, placed it on plates with spoons, and a drink was offered as well. It was delicious and the children loved the treat!  The teachers loved the cake too.

Let’s Eat Cake!!

Shared Reading

Our new reader is The Most Colourful Frog in the World by Julie D Morris.  The frog wanted more than anything to be like all the other frogs that he knew.  We noticed that there were quite a few paragraphs in this story and this is something we will be focusing on over the next week or so.


Literacy Investigations – rotation #1


Maths Mini
In Maths Mini we were practising our doubling skills using deck of cards. Some of us were practising doubles to 20, whilst others were confident enough to try doubling and doubling again. Joshua and Riya were feeling super confident today and just wanted to keep on doubling, reaching 100s of thousands – accurately!


Arnav: Dear God, Please help all the animals that are becoming extinct.  So help humans not to kill animals.  Lord Hear Us

Kayla: Dear God, Please help everyone stay healthy so they don’t become sick. Lord Hear Us

Stacey: Dera God, Can you please help all the cats and animals because they are beautiful animals. Lord Hear Us

Nikos: Dear God, Please help all the old people survive longer. Lord Hear Us

Bhavya: Dear God, please help my Mum and the baby in her tummy.  Help her keep safe. Lord Hear Us

Melody: Dear God, Help the babies that are growing inside mums’ tummies. Lord Hear Us

This is a map of where Jesus travelled and lived many years ago. The children focused on the map while we read a story from Matthew’s Gospel. The story explained Jesus’ beginning of his teaching and his disciples who were devoted to him.


Mrs Handforth viewed some of Keith Haring’s art work with the students.  The children had a go using his style of art and did quite a good job.

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