Wednesday Week 8 Term 1

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday and a Happy Harmony Day (official date).


The children chose from the following provocations this morning.   They were encouraged to try something new, choose at least two provocations and be able to articulate during reflection time about what they investigated.

Religion – Palm Sunday and Holy Week
The students finished their Palm Sunday interpretation today.  Many pictures included Jesus on the donkey, his disciples, the town and buildings of old Jerusalem and the many people who came to see Jesus as he rode through the streets.  There were some interesting questions today, including Paxton’s wondering:  Were there dinosaurs when Jesus was alive 2000 years ago?

The class also heard the story of the Last Supper and the events of Holy Week.  After reading the story, The Last Supper, Arnav asked: Why don’t we all receive bread when we go to Mass in the Hall?

Luka: Did they have glass in the windows of the buildings?

Mrs Papillo and Mrs Handforth love to hear and try to answer these questions as best we can.  Keep them coming boys and girls!!

Assembly practice
The children were given their parts for our class assembly this afternoon and we started practising immediately.  The children were enthusiastic and put lots of effort into their parts.  The assembly song has been posted in the student folder, just click on the tab and scroll down.

Thanks for the day, kids!  You are amazing.  Homework is reading; read to yourself, to a brother, sister, mum, dad or grandparent.

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