Friday (Week 8 Term 1)

Welcome to Friday and Harmony Day celebrations.  The day began with a wonderful assembly hosted by 4RG.  It was great to see our many cultures showcase their dancing.  Our class was represented by Blessings, who participated in the West African dance.  Wow, Blessings was phenomenal and was an absolute stand out as she led the dance in the front row on stage.

Spanish Dancing

Khmer Dancing – Cambodia

West African Dancing

Vietnamese Dancing

Indian Dancing

We visited the library this morning to return and borrow our readers and other books.  Mrs Michalak was a bit busy with returns and borrowings!

Harmony Day Shared Lunch
What a lot of delicious cuisine from different cultures – the children really enjoyed sampling all the delights on offer. Thank you to parents, carers and other family members who contributed to our wonderful shared lunch.

Have an awesome weekend everyone – see you for Week 9, which is Holy Week.

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