Monday (Week 2: Term 2)

Welcome to week 2 everyone!  Hope your weekend was wonderful and you had time to spend time with family and friends.  This week leads up to a very important day – Mother’s Day.  As usual our school will host a stall for your child to purchase a gift.

Literacy Investigations 

Shared Reading – Mrs Handforth shared a book this morning that most children, except Kai, have never seen or read before.  What a great story with a very imaginative young girl who explains how she got a bad knee.

Literacy Rotations

The Spider Monkeys worked on Language Conventions this morning in order to become familiar with this test for NAPLAN.  The children were great picking out the correct incorrect spellings.

The Mandrills worked on a punctuation activity, using speech marks and other grammatical conventions when someone is talking in a text.

The Chimpanzees undertook a literacy activity. This activity involved the children using our shared reading text to innovate on the text and create their own interesting ideas.

Ring-Tailed Lemurs: After reading the story Hansel and Gretel the children re-told the story using puppets.

This team presented Hansel and Gretel by using their computer and reading the story with the help of puppets.

The Vervet Monkeys worked on a Word Knowledge activity focusing on the digraph ‘th’ and revising words with ‘sh’ and ‘ch’.

A very special visitor.
Mrs Attanasio, a very helpful parent from our school, brought in a cute little chicken this morning to share with us.  It is a Belgian Bantam chicken, very small with unique feathers spread over it’s feet.  Mopsy is such an exquisite colour and velvety to touch.  The children were able to feed her and run their fingers through her grey feathers.  Thank you Mrs A. and Maria for bringing her in, we were delighted to meet her.

Mopsy, the Belgian Bantam chicken. “Pleased to meet you children!”

Mindfulness – The Twits

Writer’s Workshop
The children continued to write their stories today based on the book, Knock, Knock Who’s There?

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