Thursday (Week 3: Term 3)

Today, we wish JOSHUA (3JH) and BLESSINGS (3MP) the very best of luck as they represent Holy Family Catholic School at the annual Catholic schools’ Cross Country Competition. We hope you enjoy the experience and are very proud of your commitment.

Breaking News: Well done to Joshua who came 63rd and Blessings who came 69th overall. There were apparently over 200 runners from over 12 schools, so this is a great achievement in their very first cross country competition. A special mention to Liam Stam (Year 5), who achieved 2nd place overall.

LIBRARY: Today we shared Mae’s story in a book titled, Florette by author and illustrator Anna Walker.

‘When Mae has to move house from the country to the city, she feels lonely and sad — until she discovers a beautiful place full of green in the centre of Paris. What she finds there sparks something special and beautiful that will make her feel much more at home.’

We saw Mae’s inspiration and creativity change her new home from this to this:

SPORT: Miss Roberts was away with Blessings and Joshua at Cross Country today, so we had a relief teacher. We played some warm-up games before having a fun, fast paced game of dodgeball.

STEAM: Today we were learning about algorithms and the importance of clear and precise instructions when coding. What fun we had!

We began by discussing what an algorithm might be. Ethan gave us a very good definition:

‘It’s a set of codes for a computer, lots and lots and lots of them, thousands of them, so the computer knows what to do.’

Ethan was correct. An algorithm is: a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

We began with Mrs Handforth telling the students how to draw a ‘Crazy Character’ called Fluffy. She gave the children a set of instructions (an algorithm) to follow.

Here is Mrs Handforth’s Fluffy followed by some of the Fluffies drawn by the class.

We showed each our pictures in a sharing circle. At first the children thought they had made mistakes when their Fluffy was different from the teacher’s. However, soon little voices chimed in with: ‘You didn’t say five points on the crown!’ and ‘You didn’t say what shape the wings had to be!’

All this was perfectly true. Mrs Handforth needed to ‘debug’ her algorithm. This is a technical term for saying that once you’ve tried out your algorithm, you need to edit and improve it until it’s clear and concise.

We tried again. This time Mrs Handforth drew Fluffy’s cousin, Muffy. She tried to ensure her instructions were clearer and more concise. Whilst there were still parts that needed ‘debugging’, overall the children’s drawings were far more similar to their teacher’s as you can see below:

The students then got busy writing their own Monster Challenge algorithm for two friends to follow. Look at us busily drawing, writing, talking and listening!

Following this, it was time to instruct a teacher robot to make a jam sandwich. ‘Easy!’ the children said. Ruby, Syreleab and Kai gave Mrs Handforth, now a robot, instructions to make the sandwich. Let’s just say we realised how important clear, precise instructions were as Mrs Handforth had to dip her hands in butter, spread jam with her fingers and even produce a sandwich with a giant hole in the middle!

Messy, but fun!

We have challenged the children to let their parents give them instructions to make a jam sandwich as they take on the role of the robots. Good luck!


Emily chose some beautifully relaxing music which we listened to as we imagined white sea horses riding on the waves.

WIPE OUT WASTE (WOW: Wipe Out Waste Website)

At 2:00 pm we gathered in the hall as a whole school to meet Ali. Ali works for Wipe Out Waste and yesterday she and a team of older students had collected all the waste produced within all areas of the school — classrooms, staffroom, OHSC, offices and the reception. Today they sorted through all that waste and presented their findings in assembly.

What a message! The amount of waste we actually needed to send to landfill was tiny! A small bag of waste. So, even with a focus on recycling there’s so much more we can and should be doing.

Finally, at the end of the day we had SHARING TIME. Today, Emily (3JH) and Kayla S (3MP) shared their very colourful creation using Minecraft:

Have a wonderful evening.

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