Tuesday (Week 8 | Term 3)

Welcome to a warm and sunny spring Tuesday at Holy Family.

Before we share our learning, a reminder that this Friday is our school disco:


The students continued their learning on multiplication tables this morning.   The focus on learning times tables over the past few weeks is linked to foundational investigations undertaken over the past few years of learning and the expectations of year 3 ACARA.  Timestables.com has great activities and  fun games afterwards to consolidate knowledge and fact recall.


In our final shared reading of the non-fiction text Robots, we explored some new areas of robotics including swarm robots, animatronics,  robot friends and the future of robotics:


Some wonderful completion of our literacy activities relating to our shared text.

Nikos invented Mr Bot, an android Prime Minister no less! Read on to find out more:

Arnav’s Inthebot would be a fantastic help for civil , construction and mechanical engineering departments:

Lauren’s amazing creation, Dronee, is a furniture remover and installer; its specialism is constructing treehouses.

Sama created a Galaxy Image Bot, an electronic space robot, which takes images of our universe (and beyond!) and send them back to our planet, the Earth. Beautifully written, Sama included lots of technical words.

Tori completed some word knowledge work and read every single word correctly, using blending and sounding out.



Today prayer was hosted by Melody, Djaran, Joshua, Tori, Victoria and Jamie. Here they are setting up and delivering their lovely prayerful presentation, which included hymns, prayers and a biblical reading.


In Science we continued to explore our solar system and the interconnection  of the Sun, Moon and Earth.

The Sun

A reminder that Mrs Handforth is on a professional development training course on Wednesday and Thursday, but will be back in class on Friday.

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