Wednesday (Week 8: Term 3)

Welcome to Wednesday.  The weather appears to be much better than yesterday’s, so let’s enjoy the mild temperature and sun.  Mrs Handforth is not in the classroom today and is out learning with other colleagues from our school.  Hope you have a wonderful day.

Robots and circuits

The children were very excited to have hands on experience with the circuits today.  They inserted the bulbs into the eye sockets of their robots and guess what?  Mr Ryan worked with the students and each child was able to make their circuit and ‘switch on’ the eyes if their robot.

Play-based Investigations

Lovely to see the children exploring many different provocations this morning.  Everyone was happy!

Uno battle of the champions

Anyone for takeaway?

Bon: This is a swing that you can play on at the playground.

Literacy and Science

The students viewed an animation about the Solar system and it inspired them to think a little more about our incredible planet and the stars and moons that are in our sky.  The children were asked to use their curiosity to choose something in  the solar system that intrigued them.  Some have chosen a planet to explore whilst others were curious about solar eclipses or orbiting.  They could then choose their preferred mode of presentation.

It was fabulous to see the amazing knowledge of Scratch, Powerpoint, Keynote or ActivInspire to present facts about the Solar system.  Many children were eager to help others when they needed a hand with something.  Thanks to Mih-Vuong and Sopheaktra who kindly helped Blessings and Olivia with voice recording on Scratch.  Watch this space !

Tomorrow the students will continue to work with Mr Ryan and circuits.  There were so many happy robots in the class today and it was impressive to hear the children explaining how the circuit works to light up the robots eyes.

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