Thursday (Week 10: Term 3)

Welcome to the penultimate day of Term 3 –  another fantastic Thursday in 3JH and 3MP!

Today, in an amendment to the published calender, it was Devon’s 9th birthday! We sang and cheered and clapped, whilst Devon sat there grinning and smiling the whole time! We hope you have a wonderful evening celebrating with your friends and family, Devon.

Kai did some special sharing today too. Obviously, a talented Rugby Union player in the making, he shared his trophies and awards with us. A most impressive haul!

Also, we received the FANTASTIC NEWS that 3JH and 3MP have won the 10 cent recycling competition for Term 3. Thank you to everyone who brought in cans and juice boxes from home, and thank you to the many students, who combed the school grounds, collecting HUNDREDS of juice boxes, cartons and plastic water bottles. Tomorrow we get to watch a movie and eat delicious popcorn as a ‘thank you’ treat!

Here’s our learning for Thursday:


Today we shared the story Dinosaur Day Out: ‘Sally and Max love dinosaurs. They can’t wait to see them at the museum, but today the dinosaur exhibition is closed. Where will the dinosaurs go on their day off? A whimsical story with humour and heart from author and award-winning illustrator Sara Acton‘.


In today’s lesson, Miss Roberts set up a handball competition. What fun and great teamwork!


As a lead in to our work on animation, we watched A Grand Day Out, one of Nick Park’s amazing clay animation movies about the very loveable characters, Wallace and Gromit. In this comical animation, the characters decide to go to the moon in search of cheese to have on their crackers!

We came to realise that animation is not something that we can do fast! We read that it took the makers of the movie Frozen, an awfully long time to make the scene where Elsa builds an ice palace from snowflakes. How long? Well, 50 people worked for nine months on that 36 second scene! And not only that, 4,000 computers took over 30 hours to render just one frame at a time. Wow!

Here we are learning to use iStopAnimation in order to animate a range of objects. What a buzz in the room and what talent! Everyone was in flow and totally engaged. Character strengths were evident in abundance: love of learning, humour, fairness, creativity, curiousity, kindness, leadership, perseverance, self-belief, enthusiasm and teamwork.

The students worked on their animations before and after lunch. The teachers were amazed at the skill development, resilience and teamwork of every student.  Some children were ready to share and we were excited to see the sets created for the  characters and the stories coming to life.  Well done everyone!! Oh, did we mention the fun we all had?

See you tomorrow for the last day of Term 3!

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