Friday (Term 3 : Week 10)

Welcome to the last day of term 3.  The children have enjoyed a number of activities today to celebrate the last day of the term.


Today’s assembly was hosted by RGC & 6/7SM.


Country Investigations: United Kingdom

We travelled from Australia to the United Kingdom today for Country Investigations all on Google Earth Pro. Mrs Handforth showed us where she went to school in the UK, and where she lived when she was a Year 3 student (a long time ago!).

Lucas observed that the UK is much smaller than Australia (in fact the whole of Europe could fit inside Australia!). However, the UK’s population is three times as big as Australia’s. Minh-Vuong observed that the UK looked very green on Google Earth compared to Australia. Kai observed that, like Australia, the UK is an island. Stefan knew that London was the captail city of England.

After looking at the four countries which make up the UK: Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. We then watched an official tourist video …

After which, our creative students explored using their 100 languages (as is always the case in Country Investigations) with an ActivInspire flipchart offering some provocations to explore.

Eating hot chips … yum, yum!

Movie and Popcorn: Class Prize!

in 3MP and 3JH, we collected over a THOUSAND!!!!!! 10 cent recycleables over TERM 3 to WIN the prize for the class who did the most recycling. This meant we could relax on Friday afternoon, watching a movie and eating popcorn – the PRIZE! Well done students and thank you to friends and family who sent in bottles from home too!

Thank you to Bhavya who brought in a large Cadbury’s Freddo Frog for her peers to share.

See you in October for TERM 4. Best wishes, Jo and Margot


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