Thursday (Week 1: Term 4)

Welcome to Thursday and another wintery morning!  Is it meant to be Spring?  Never mind, the gardens and animals will appreciate the rain and it will help fill up our rainwater tanks.

Thank you for all the donations today.  We received pots, plants, seeds and potting mix for the Spring Fair this Sunday.  Hope to see you there!

Today it is Nikos’s 9th birthday; he was spending the day with his family, so we sang to him yesterday. Tomorrow it’s Arnav’s 9th birthday, so we sang Happy Birthday to Arnav today as it’s a pupil free day tomorrow. Arnav kindly shared some candy with his classmates. We hope both boys have wonderful celebrations with family and friends.


The students looked forward to their library time this morning and many children were able to change their books and borrow new ones.  We always remind the children the day before Library borrowing to bring in their books and swap them for new books.  We ask that you also remind your child to do so:)

Shared Reading

Today we explored more about the Great Barrier Reef with a focus on coral bleaching. We found out what this is and, more importantly, what WE can do to help make a difference. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Save water – turn the tap off when you brush your teeth; wash the family car on the lawn so the water that runs off is used to water the grass; boil pans and kettles of water with the minimum amount of water needed; don’t leave the tap running or dripping; drink the water in your water bottle, don’t just squirt it on the floor.
  • Pollution – pick up litter (otherwise it goes into storm drains and eventually goes into rivers and then the ocean); don’t drop litter; walk short journeys – don’t need to use the car for every little trip; recycle as much as you can.
  • Look after the ocean and the reef – don’t take things home from the sea – leave them theere as they might be homes for sea creatures; if you visit the coral reef and scuba dive, don’t touch the coral or break off bits of it; look don’t touch.
  • Beach Clean Up – you can volunteer to clean up your local beach; there is even a website where you can find out the nearest beach to you where you can help clean CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA.
  • Educate: Tell your family and friends about things they can do; make posters saying don’t pollute and don’t drop litter; have a special day at school to tell students about what they can do.


The students were asked to explore more animals that live in the Great Barrier Reef.  Some of the sea animals could be chosen to include in their seascape of an ocean reef.


The students continued their inquiry into telling the time this afternoon.  Some children worked on o’clock, half past, quarter past and to or telling the time in minute increments. The children used an application called Rainforest Maths which is installed on their laptop and can be accessed at home for use.


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