Wednesday (Week 2: Term 4)

Welcome to Wednesday in 3JH and 3MP.

Play Investigations

Shared REading

Ahead of 3MP’s assembly in the week of Diwali, we explored an information text about the festival before watching an animation of the story of Rama and Sita.

Literacy Investigations

Students answered comprehension questions about Diwali and then were able to use different languages to explore Diwali further – making/drawing lotus flowers, watching information documentaries about Diwali in India, finding out more about Hindu Gods and Goddesses, drawing portraits of Rama and Sita, and creating their own rangoli chalk patterns.

Thank you to Bhavya, Riya and Harsimrat for sharing some of the ways in which they celebrate Diwali in their own homes.


Today the students were learning more about data handling. They revised tally tables, and investigated pictograms and bar charts showing a range of different types of data. Then they interpreted a pictogram and tally table, answering questions about the data and editing the tables and graph to make them match.

A reminder that it is Library tomorrow. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR LIBRARY BOOKS!

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