Thursday (Week 3: Term 4)

Welcome to Thursday and the first day of a new month … November. We hope all the trick or treaters stayed safe and had fun last night.

The 1st of November is also known as:

Which saints do you know? Is there a saint that shares the same name as you? Lots to explore and research!

Here’s the learning line up for this special day in the Christian calendar:



Today we read the story:

This was a timely tale (the week of Halloween) about an intrepid, couragoeus and determined character, Rosie, who set off into a deep, dark and dangerous forest to find her runaway pup. Along the way, she meets all different types of dangers, but succeeds in her mission. This was, we agreed, a beautifully illustrated book with lots of awesome alliteration.

Here we are in library:

All Saints Day Inquiry

We investigated different saints; many of us were excited to find out whether we shared the same name as a saint. We discovered that some of us did and others in our families do too.

The students then began to use their 100 langages to present their learning about saints, using Scratch, Keynote, creating posters and undertaking art activities to anme but a few.

First Nations Art

Tomorrow we will be going to Canada for our Country Investigations, and part of this visit involves learning about the First Nations peoples who inhabited Canada before the European settlers arrived.

Today we began the first stage of making rattles, which the First Nations tribes used at events like healing ceremonies in order to ward off evil spirits. Everyone got the chance to do the papier mache stage of the making, so we can place the beans into our rattles and paint them tomorrow.

As ou can see, today was a sticky affair, but heaps of fun:

Mindfulness: Mindful Yoga

Riya led our mindful yoga session today. We got ourselves into lots of interesting positions and shapes!


In Numeracy we continued to work on our data handling inquiry, collecting data, representing it in a tally table and then converting our collected data into to a bar graph. Here are some proud finishers:

Stefan and Malakhai made a flag!

Everyone is very excited about the sleepover tomorrow. We are looking foward to it too!


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