Y3 Sleepover (G2 Tri-Skills)

What a wonderful evening we shared with our Year 3 students. Mr Stramare, Mrs Papillo and Mrs Handforth were SO very proud of each and every student who attended, as well as the cohort as a whole.

Below are photographs of Group 2, Mrs Handforth’s group, participating in their Tri-Skills activities. Mrs Papillo will be uploading Group 1’s photographs and we will be getting Mr Stramare’s Group 3 photographs on Monday.

At the end of this post are some photographs of the morning after the night before.

Group 2 Trampolining

Bouncing here are Charlie, Kayla S, Kalya R, Minh-Vuong, Malakhai, Djaran, Stefan, Amelia, Paxton, Nikka, Kai, Olivia, Luka, Bhavya and Paxton.

Video featuring Bhavya, Kai and Djaran:


Video featuring Stefan and Minh-Vuong:


Video featuring Paxton, Amelia and Luka:


Video featuring Malakhai, Charlie, Nikka and Olivia:


Video featuring Nikka and Olivia:


Video featuring Kai:


Video featuring Djaran:


Video featuring Stefan:


Video featuring Paxton:


Video featuring Charlie:


Kym from Tri-Skills took us through some basic defensive moves:

Air Gym
Our third session was the Air Gym, featuring lots of bouncy fun:


Air gym videos

Crawling as fast as we can, along we go:

Running along, featuring some slo-mo action:

Bouncing beans:

Check out Paxton’s somersaults:

The Morning After the Night Before 

Packing up our belongings (there are a few odds and ends, which remained without an owner and these will be reunited with their owners  on Monday):

The last man sleeping was …. Arrow!


Morning activity:

More photographs to follow … after the teachers catch up on some sleep. Have a happy weekend one and all.

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