Thursday (Week 5: Term 4)

Welcome to Thursday of Week 5. Hooray! Mrs Papillo is feeling much better and is back in class with us.

Today, 3JH are putting the final flourishes to their assembly ahead of their BIG morning tomorrow.


We read a beautiful Christmas story this morning.  Little Robin has given away his cosy vests to all his friends.  How kind he is!  But what will happen when Christmas Eve arrives and he’s all alone and cold?

Jan Fearnley is the award-winning author-illustrator of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes, Harry and the Jaggedy Daggers and Milo Armadillo among many others.

Jan lived in London for many years and now lives in the French countryside with her writer husband, Paul, two cheeky donkeys, five irrepressible rescued goats, who are known as ‘The Horn Section,’ two cheese-obsessed Limousin hens, five naughty cats – and any other waif and stray who appears at the kitchen door.

Thanks to the volunteers who kindly read the story to the students of 3MP.

The children all received their PRC medals today – check them out!


Today the children continued playing Badminton with Miss Roberts.

Kayla S: I learnt how to hit the shuttle back to Amelia.

Luka: I had to control my power to get the shuttle in the hula hoop.  When I play tennis I have to hit the ball much harder.

Melody: I learnt how to hit the shuttle into hoops today.



3MP did some blogging this afternoon.  First we had a look at Amelia’s and Thien-An’s blog to see their amazing learning on their amazing blogs.

Mrs Handforth’s class went to the Hall to run through their assembly for the last time.  Can’t wait for tomorrow!  Good luck 3JH.

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  1. Congratulations Melody on receiving your PRC medal! We are very proud of you and what you have achieved.

    Love Nanny and Pop xxx

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