Tuesday (Week 6: Term 4)

Welcome to cloudy Tuesday.


The students continued their work from yesterday. We shared some of the amazing books, posters, iMovies and Scratch animations with the class.  It was interesting to hear the passion from each child or group of children in trying to get the message out there to look after our environment by doing something about it right here and right now!!

Numeracy Investigations

Today the students explored one of a variety of provocations.  A student from each group explained what they did.

Marley: We were weighing potatoes and used the scales.

Sreyleab: We used bottles and we looked to see if they were big or small and ordered them form biggest to smallest. Then we labeled them to see how many litres were in them.

Paxton: We had to get some bottles and see the price of it and then we had to choose 2 of them and add them together and then if we had change we had to take away.

Riya: In our group we had shapes and we could draw it and write the name of it. We could label them.  Then we grouped them according to their properties.

Kiara – We did coordinates on a Pirate map, it was fun.

Charlie – Our group drew a map of the school.

Some students shared what they did with the class and then everyone wrote a reflection using their laptop or workbook.



Here are some students finding heat around the classroom to determine if the object produces its own heat or if the object gets it from another source.

Then we watched a video and looked at different heat or energy transfers and the students drew their understanding of conduction, convection and radiation.

What a wonderful day of learning.  Well done everyone in 3MP and 3JH!  See you tomorrow.

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