Thursday (Week 6: Term 4)

After a wild, wet windy night, we are grateful that the weather has calmed down somewhat today …. everyone had tales to tell about this wintery burst during late Spring.


Another Christmas themed text for our library reader today:

Christmas is here! Macca loves Christmas time and he especially loves finding the perfect gifts for his friends! But with no money in the piggy bank, how will Macca surprise his friends on Christmas Day?

The girls found a book about coding and said they will use it to teach them some new skills in Scratch.

Minh-Vuong read the whole story out loud.


Today, continuing with our ocean themed learning, we shared a narrative: a version of the classic tale, The Little Mermaid.

The children were then encouraged to plan a storyboard for a simple sea themed story (or a retelling of a story such as The Little Mermaid), which they then began to create as a Scratch animation. The students will work on this mini project over the next couple of days, bringing our ocean themed learning to a close … just in time to move on to a festive theme in the run up to Christmas!


Riya and Joshua – India

Jai: I liked that they took their time.  They maybe could have added some pictures of the types of tea grown in India.

Melody and Nikka – The Mermaid 

Kayla: I really liked how they were letting us guess the answers.

Jai – Titanic

Kai: I liked how you included how far it sank and the humour you used.

Lilah – Mermaids

Ruby: I like how there are mermaids in it and there is some humour in it too.

Thien-An and Kayla R – Dolphins

Michelle: I like how the dolphin turned pink with a sound effect.

Amelia: I liked how there was a quiz at the end.

Minh-Vuong: I liked how they coded it, there were no glitches.

Ruby: Maybe they could have had some more information because it was so good I wanted to see more!

Lauren and Marley – Princess

Charlie: I liked how it had  a wizard in it. The background could have been changed.

Riya:  It had humour in it.


This afternoon the students worked on their third numeracy activity for the week.

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