Friday (Week 6: Term 4)


Mrs Rodgers’ and Mr Elder’s classes, 4AE and 1MR, presented today’s assembly on the theme of change. We loved it. Athou of 3MP also danced in the South Sudanese Dinka dance. Just awesome, Athou! We loved the rhythm and energy.

The children from South Sudan performed a traditional dance with a theme of getting along with one another.  Athou from our class performed with other students.

Lia: I loved how the kids looked like they had so much fun!

Riya: I really liked when they did the transformers; it looked really cool!

Jai: I really liked the Dinka dance.

Lauren: I liked the dance the dance they did with the basketball.

Harsimrat: I liked how they transformed the box.

Sryeleab: I liked the dance: Together We Can Change the World.

Minh-Vuong: I liked the transformers.

Sopheaktra: I liked when they showed us the spheros and the cars.

Charlie: I liked it at the end of the basketball dance. Kayden threw it up and caught it.

Bhavya: I loved the whole assembly.

Country Investigations

Today we visited the country of Brazil. Our first visit to South America this year! We discovered lots of interesting facts.

Kai: I didn’t know Brazil had the largest number of Catholics in the world (130 million).

Stefan: I didn’t know they had those eagles in the Amazon rainforest (Harpy Eagles).

Lucas: Brasil has so many different animals. Wow!

Today’s lesson was planned, delivered and resourced by Bella. We gave her a huge round of applause.

Here are some photographs of us exploring Brazil using our 100 languages:

Mindful Yoga

Yesterday we began a yoga session which involved a story that took place in an underwater setting. Today we completed our underwater adventure. We certainly got our bodies into some interesting positions over the past couple of days. See if you can guess which sea creatures we are trying to emulate. Shout out to Malakhai for his photography!

The afternoon was taken up with personal inquiry and blogging. You may wish to check out your child’s blog for their latest blog posts. See the alphabetical list to the left hand side of our blog – simply click on the name of the child and you will be directed to their blog. All the children love receiving positive feedback about their learning, so please do leave a comment if you have time.

Have a great weekend one and all. See you on Monday for Week 7!


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