Tuesday (Week 8: Term 4)

Welcome to Tuesday in 3JH and 3MP.

Today we had two happy medal winners keen to share their success stories with their friends:

Isabella won a trophy and two medals at a Taekwondo competition. She got her first place medal for Poomsae. Poomsae are a set sequence of movements that consists of the various fundamental stances, blocks, punches and kicks logically arranged in a meaningful order in response to attacks from multiple imaginary assailants.

Her second place medal was achieved in sparring. She sparred with three opponents – one the same age, one slightly younger and one opponent, who is a whole belt higher than herself!

Kiara spent all day Sunday at a dance show, achieving a medal for her participation. She told us that she had to get up very early on Sunday morning, and that she had to do heaps of practising for the big day!

This morning Miss Jade demonstrated how to make a paper snowflake.  The students will use them for their performance at Christmas Carols on Friday evening.

Almost everyone in 3JH has now finished their nativity art … what an amazing array of art work depicting various scenes from the story of the First Christmas. See which parts of the story you can recognise:

Mindful Yoga
Yoga was Christmas themed today. We went on a Cosmic Kids’ adventure to a snowy location in the North Pole.

Today we were exploring mass. The children were busy trying to find classroom items which had the same or similar mass to weights ranging from 10g to 1kg.

100 g: gold bell (Kai); two pebbles (Harsimrat); headphones without the cord (Paxton)

500 g: glass contianer of gum tree nuts (Joshua)

1 kg: no-one found anything approximately one kilo … but lots of us tried!

The students have been asked to find out what mass they were on birth for homework.

We then continued with some Christmas maths activities involving positional langugae, coordinates, addition and multiplication.

Tomorrow, a letter will be going out regaridng a planned class Christmas Party day (with shared lunch) for next Tuesday 11 December. 

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