Friday (Week 8:Term 4)

Holy Family’s annual Christmas Carols is tonight!   The BBQ starts at 5:45pm and the Carols will start at 6:30pm.  Hope to see you all there.

Country Investigations

This morning Riya presented her flip chart on Liberia and South Sudan and then Sopheaktra and Minh-Vuong presented Cambodia to the class for the students to choose from and investigate.  These students have spent much time and effort in preparing the flip charts for the whole class to enjoy.  Thank you for your time and enthusiasm boys and girls.

Liberia and South Sudan by Riya

Cambodia by Sopheaktra and Minh-Voung

Carols Practice on the Hall stage

Country Investigations continued:

Stefan presented his Russia Flipchart to the students.

Jai presented his Flipchart on Turkey.

Sharing Circle 

See you all at Carols tonight!

Mrs Handforth will be serving food from the BBQ!!

Please meet Mrs Handforth and Mrs Papillo by the gates (with the tinsel attached to them) at 7pm.

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