Monday (Week 9: Term 4)

We have reached the final week of …

… but there’s still lots of learning going on in 3JH and 3MP as the countdown to the summer holidays begins.


We began the morning with an end of Year 3 Quiz … students worked in small groups to answer questions about their learning across all 4 terms of Year 3. Here are some sample questions:

Mindfulness  – The Nativity 

We viewed a beautiful short video of the Nativity when Mary and Jesus were visited by an angel telling them they would have a baby boy.

Country Investigations 

Paxton shared his Flipchart about Ireland this afternoon.  He included a video about Ireland’s famous landmarks and lots of Irish  dancing tutorials for the children who like to learn new dance steps. Thanks Paxton for an inspiring way to learn about Ireland.


Class Party tomorrow!

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