Tuesday (Week 9: Term 4)

Welcome to Tuesday.  Today we celebrate a year of learning by sharing a yummy lunch together.


This morning we worked on some Christmas problem solving in the form of worded problems.  Some were single step problems and others were multi-step problems.

Country Investigations 

Today Kayla presented Alaska and Minh-Vuong presented South Korea to the children for them to investigate.

South Korea


Class Christmas Party

We had 4 super prizes to win in class ‘Pass the Parcel’. Our lucky winners were Minh-Vuong, Sryeleab, Lauren and Paxton.

Class Christmas Shared Lunch


More party games…

A different version of Musical chairs!

Thanks to all the parents who prepared food for our shared lunch today.  The variety was wonderful and the children enjoyed it all.  We really appreciate your efforts and thank you very much.


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