Wednesday (Week 9: Term 4)

Play-based Investigations 

Literacy and Religion

Mrs Handforth read  a lovely story called The Nativity to the class this morning.  This beautifully illustrated book was read every Christmas to my three children at home on Christmas Eve.  After we shared the story, each of my children  placed the Nativity figures in a special place in our living room and then we would go to Christmas Mass at St Augustine’s Church.  We hope all our families share the peace and goodwill of Christmas.

The children were invited to use their 100 languages to create their version of the Nativity. As always, they showed great enthuiasm and creavity …

The students presenting their stories:

Dance Off!

We witnessed some awesome dance moves and gymanstics in our class dance off this afternoon. Many congratulations to everyone who participated  and earned a chocolate treat. Particular congratulations to Sopheaktra and Paxton, who won the class Dance Off prizes for 3JH and 3MP respectively.

Tori decided to undertake an investigation into her peers’ favourite colours. She collected her data and recorded her findings using a bar chart and then converted this into a table, showing the results. What wonderful work, Tori!

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