Video and ideas for being at home

This morning we watched a video to help children understand the importance of social distancing.  As a group we discussed ways we can have fun while staying at home during the holidays and on weekends.

We wish you and your families a safe and healthy holiday break and we look forward to speaking to you next week during our learning conversations.

Kind regards,

Ms Pinneri and Mrs Stam

Text to talk

Hello everyone,


I have created a few videos to help you have text read out to you, which I have referred to as ‘text to talk’.  This can be done when there is a lot of writing to read and you would like to have someone read it to you.  Please watch the following video links.  The first one shows you how to set up ‘text to talk’ and the second one is an example of it.

Happy reading (and listening) 🙂

Ms Pinneri



Helpful hints and reminders


Hi everyone,

We hope you are all busy working on your learning tasks each day. It’s important you are not doing too much (no more than you would be doing at school), but you are at least having a go at everything we give you.

I am going to put a video below for you to watch if you need to know how to send us an email with an attachment. A big thank you to the people who have been emailing their finished work back to us, we are saving all your work and are marking it off as complete. Tomorrow we will show you how to highlight text and get your computer to talk back to you if you are having trouble reading text.

Remember the work that is due by this Friday:

  1. Week 10 word knowledge
  2. Narrative animation*
  3. Good copy of animal inquiry
  4. Subtraction worded problems
  5. BTN answers

A lot of this stuff you have had a few weeks to work on.

*The narrative animations are probably too big to send, so save it to your desktop for now.

Helpful hints for parents:

  • Only students are able to open attachments or flipcharts on their laptops as they all have the appropriate software. We will put this on the blog for you to view from your devices.
  • Students cannot access the class folders from home – we need them to email us their finished work.

Thanks again everyone for your patience and understanding while we are working to reply to emails and work with students here at school.

Here is a video to show you how to send an email with an attachment:

Email attachment video

Kind regards,

Ms Pinneri and Mrs Stam



Learning from home week 10

Hello students and families,

We have put together some work for this week to be done at home for those not at school. We have emailed the work to you but it is also accessible here on our blog. The last thing we want to do is confuse the students or add extra pressure to parents at this time. So if you need to take breaks or modify the work to suit your family’s needs please do so. We invite students to email us any completed work to take a look at or get any feedback.

This week will be the last week for term 1, with week 11 being declared pupil free days now. This means teachers can work on ways to make distance learning easier for students and families to access for Term 2.

Stay safe, happy and healthy and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Ms Pinneri and Mrs Stam

Our online assembly today

For those at home today, here is our assembly for you to view. We are very proud of all the effort and hard work that has gone into this project. Ms Pinneri and I are proud to say that students had worked collaboratively in groups to create their segments and used their creativity and resilience. Enjoy the show!!

Dining hall lunch tomorrow (Friday)

Dear families,


A reminder that our dining hall lunch will be supplied by our canteen staff tomorrow, Friday 27th March.  Students do not need to bring lunch from home tomorrow.  We look forward to a ‘socially distant’ lunch with our classes and celebrating our online assembly.  Students will have access to the iMovie that we all created as a class group and will be able to share it with you over the weekend.

Kind regards,

Ms Pinneri and Mrs Stam

Learning at home online resources

Dear families,

We would like to share with you a useful website resource.

‘Our learning SA’ is a website that has been developed by curriculum management and expert teachers. It provides students and families with curriculum resources along with advice to support learning online at home.

The resource has great ideas for reading at home and includes valuable year level specific activities. 

Click the link below to access the website:

Our Learning SA


Week 9

Good afternoon everyone,

This week we are focusing on our online assembly videos.  So far our class have been doing an amazing job getting these done! Students will not need to do word knowledge this week but we highly recommend families continue reading every night (children reading to you and children listening to you read to them).

Kind regards,

Ms Pinneri and Mrs Stam


Headphones needed MONDAY

Good morning everyone,

On Monday 23rd March, all year 3 students will be taking part in the PRACTICE NAPLAN testing.  This requires all students to use a set of headphones to complete the tasks.  We ask that students bring in a set of headphones that they can use on Monday.  The headphones will also be needed when the children complete the official NAPLAN testing in May.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Kind regards,

Ms Pinneri and Mrs Stam