Our buddies!

Today we met with our buddies from R/1MR and R/1MA.  It was lovely to see them and spend time getting to know them.  3HS talked about what makes a good game and different types of games that they could play.  3NP read stories to their buddies, played a game or drew a picture with them.  We will be meeting once every fortnight this term.

Ash Wednesday

On Wednesday we celebrated the beginning of Lent.  Thank you to the families who attended our Mass with Father Santosh.  As a class we discussed the meaning of the ashes and the cross on our foreheads.  The ashes are the palms from the previous Palm Sunday and are a symbol of being sorry for the things we have done wrong.

‘Repent and believe in the Gospel’

Shrove Tuesday

Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday and discussed the meaning behind eating pancakes today.  Thank you to Mrs Stam who cooked us delicious pancakes!

Students talked about the lead up to Lent and how traditionally people used up their ingredients in the house in order to prepare for fasting (as a sign of respect to Jesus who fasted in the desert for 40 days).

As a class we talked about some of the things we can do at school and at home with our families during the time of Lent, which begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday.

Please join us in a whole school Ash Wednesday mass in the Hall at 11am tomorrow.

Shrove Tuesday & Ash Wednesday

Hello everyone,


This Tuesday 25th February is Shrove Tuesday.  To mark the lead up to the beginning of Lent, we are going to make pancakes for the students of 3HS and 3NP.  If your child has any dietary requirements, please email Mrs Stam or Ms Pinneri.

This Wednesday (26th February) marks the beginning of Lent, Ash Wednesday.  We will be having a whole school mass in the Hall at 11:00am.  You are all welcome to attend.


Play, Make, Do

Today we had another session of our Play, Make, Do investigations.  Students firstly explored the learning powers and decided which one they would focus on, depending on the task they chose to participate in.  The guidelines of the afternoon were for students to take part in an activity where they could play, make or do something that related to a learning power.  Our investigations have been very successful over the past few weeks.

Maths – place value

This term we have been investigating 4-digit numbers and discussing their value in each of the units, tens, hundreds and thousands columns.  Students had to roll a 6-sided dice in order to create the highest possible 4-digit number and use addition with a partner’s number that they created.


Salisbury Parish multicultural carnival

It was lovely to see so many students from our class at St Augustine’s School on Sunday for the Salisbury Parish multicultural carnival.  Congratulations to all the students involved in the soccer matches, you all did well and represented Holy Family with pride.  Please feel free to view the videos below of some footage of the soccer games…

It was also great to have some entertainment on the day with the band ‘Art and Soul’

Soccer 1

Soccer 2

Soccer 3

Art and Soul band