Wednesday Week 5



We began our day today with independent reading. It has been a great way to build reading stamina as well as conference with the children about what they are reading and assist with book choices. We encourage all children to read each night or morning at home as well.


Literacy Groups: Mr Coad joined us today for our Literacy group activities. It has been fantastic to see the groups using the time efficiently and supporting each other with the activities. This fortnight has seen the groups exposed to new activities including Scattegories (very challenging !) and Banagrams (think scrabble and crossword combined). Great to see so many children giving these new activities their best shot !

There, They’re and Their was another of our focus tasks this week. Using the correct word choice when inserting into a sentence and then  constructing sentences using the different versions of Their/There/They’re.


Word Work: Following on from Literacy Groups the children continued on with their weekly word work task. This week the task encouraged students to complete some research about the ‘Chunnel’. It was great to see the children’s curiosity build as they found out more and more. Maybe ask your child what the Chunnel is and see what they can tell you about it. Mrs Hawkes had been in the Chunnel and she didn’t even realise !



Mass Practice: After recess we met with Mrs G’s class and Mr Urdanoff to practice for our mass tomorrow. We are well prepared and looking forward to celebrating our forgiveness mass.

Numeracy: We have continued to focus on 2 and 3 digit addition. Lots of consolidation of Base 10 principles, the value of digits in their place within a number and manipulating numbers during addition. Many children are now confidently performing 3 digit addition using both written algorithms and mental strategies. We will continue to rehearse and apply these concepts throughout the term

Here are some activities you might like to use at home for practice


Religion: This afternoon we continued to explore prayer and liturgy. We again shared the scripture story Mark 1: 35-38 Jesus goes to a solitary place to pray.

Some of the questions students reflected on included:

1. Why do you think Jesus went to pray on his own?

2. What did the disciples mean when they said ‘everyone is looking for you’? Were people actually out looking for him?

3. What other ways did Jesus pray?

4. What are some of the ways you might pray and strengthen your relationship with your God?

Students retold the story of Jesus and is solitary prayer in their own words before creating a digital picture of what they think this place may have looked like. We look forward to posting their completed illustrations.

In kindness,

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Elder








Please please please

We are desperate to receive the outstanding Blog permission forms so that we can include student photos on the blog. With more than half of them still not received it is virtually impossible to post photos from within the classroom.


If you have misplaced the note please collect one from the office or we can send a new one home with your child.

Thankyou in anticipation


Mr Elder and Mrs Hawkes

Monday Week 5

Hi Everyone,

A great start to the week with our day beginning with Spanish and Music.


Literacy: This morning we worked on Recount writing with a short modelled lesson followed by individual recount writing. It was great to see students including paragraphs to organise their ideas.


Numeracy: Students have been very excited this last week to participate in an activity called Bullseye. It concentrates on place value and encourages students to work through pattern and elimination. Ask them to show you how to play it would be great for them to take the teacher role.



We continued our session with some problem solving looking at patterns in numbers.



Cybersafety and Cyberbullying:

After discussing the idea of Cyberbullying as a whole class today we presented the students with a scenario to explore. Here are some of their ideas and responses.

You and your friends are finding some other kids at school annoying. Last week you did an activity where you took photos around the class room and you have ended up with their photos on your computer.

Your friend suggests that you copy the photos and then use paintbrush to draw on the to look silly and have a big nose. He then says you should send it to all the other kids to make them laugh and then they would really like you.

What should you do?

Is this cyberbullying?

Student Responses

  • Yes – because it doesn’t feel good for the other person
  • Because your actions are going to make someone
  • If you send it and they find out they are going to be embarrassed


What can you do:

  • Don’t send it and keep it or delete it
  • Talk to my parents or a teacher
  • I would quickly delete it and just tell them I sent it.
  • I would use empathy and say no to my friend, I would think about how others would feel.
  • I would show my parents and I would just tell my friend that I’m not doing it.
  • Rethink whether they are a good friend.


We encourage you to continue discussions at home with your children around these topics.

In kindness,

Mr Elder and Mrs Hawkes


Friday Week 4



Well what an amazingly brave, creative and  talented group of children we saw today at our assembly. They faced up to the overwhelming challenge of talking, dancing and acting in front of nearly 1000 people with incredible zest and enthusiasm. We are so proud of what their work today and hope that you enjoyed it if you came along.

We apologise for the sound issues that plagued the beginning of our performance. A rogue cord to one of the speakers was impacting the sound and fortunately we were able to get it sorted part way through.


Mass Week 5:

Next week the 3 Year 4 classes will celebrate Mass together in the centre. This will occur on Thursday 1st March  at 1130. All parents are welcome to join us in the centre.


Have a lovely relaxing weekend


Mrs Hawkes and Mr Elder







Thursday Week 4

Hi Everyone,


Tomorrow is our assembly, it will be great to see lots of parents. We are encouraging students to wear sports uniform as we are very active on stage.


We have continued our Literacy rotations this week. Some have been challenging with students giving Scattegories a go. Nothing like a bit of time pressure when you are trying to brainstorm words !

In Library this week we are reading The Feather by Margaret Wild and Freya Blackwood. A unique book that offered several perspectives for students to explore.

Here are some of their reflections:

Vince: Maybe the feather only comes when it is winter

Sarah: Maybe its like when you catch a butterfly and you have to let it

Destiny: the feather might be a symbol of hope

Mahi: the feather is like a cloud

Rachel: a symbol

Jackob: the colour was first of all white and Nico and Maria treated it with kindness like it was a real person

Grace: When the others came they wanted to touch the feather, and make choices about it.

Jashandeep: The people wanted to keep it in the dark

Asher: the feather got all dirty so that no one wanted it anymore

Angelina: When the feather was dirty and brown the people said you brang it here now take it away

Ai: The feather became white and fluffy again because Nico and Maria cared about it

Miriam: If you care and love something it will look beautiful and be happy

Destiny: Things can be loved for what they are not just how they look


Students have borrowed their reading books for this week and we strongly encourage them to read each night or morning to support their learning in class.


We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


In kindness,

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Elder

Week 4

Welcome to week 4. An exciting week that concludes with our assembly performance on Friday. It would be great to see you all there.


Assembly preparation: We will spend a lot of time this week preparing for our assembly. We are working on creating, rehearsing, editing and reflecting to bring our best to the performance .

Literacy: This week we have commenced new activities for Literacy Rotations. Students will work over six sessions on guided reading with the teacher, word work, grammar tasks, writing prompts, and visual literacy.

This weeks writing stimulus is sure to provoke some entertaining stories:

Numeracy: This week we are focusing on the use of place value to assist with written addition and subtraction strategies. We will offer a range of materials to assist as well as revision and consolidation and application  activities for students.

Notices: 4BH and 4AE will have their class mass next week. We will confirm date and time asap.


In kindness,

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Elder


Friday Week 4

The end of a busy busy week.

It was fantastic to end the week with Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Congratulations to 5HN and 5DP on a wonderful assembly.

Angelina: I liked the start when they used someones original music.

Alessandra: I liked all the dances and how they showed their creativity.

Domenic: I liked how the dragon came out and it was jumping really high.

Asher: I liked the dragon and the dance.

Deng M: I liked all the dancing and the dragon, I’ve never seen one like that before.

Aaliyah: I liked the dancing and how they did the dragon.


We spend most of the rest of our day preparing for our assembly. We are looking forward to sharing this with you next week.

Thankyou: Thankyou to all the parents who supplied delicious food for our shared lunch today. It was wonderful to see all of the children sharing a meal together, discussing the different foods and trying new things. Thanks also to Grace’s mum and Vince’s mum who came in and helped us to set up and serve.


Have a great weekend


In kindness,

Mr Elder and Mrs Hawkes



Wednesday Week 3

Reading : This morning we started our day with reading. We are encouraging students for follow through with texts and aim to finish a text rather than start a new one each day. With reading at home, library time and morning reading at home they should find they are able to complete books over 1-2 weeks.


Literacy Groups: This morning Mr Coad came in and worked with us for literacy groups. We are nearing the end of this rotation and we will start new activities next Tuesday.


Ash Wednesday Mass: After recess we attended whole school mass in the hall. It was a time to reflect on our Lentern promises. Fr Shibu shared 3 main themes in his Homily Fasting, Praying and Sharing. We will continue to explore these themes in the class room and we learn and reflect on the significance of each of these to the liturgical season.


Assembly Preparation: This afternoon we continued to focus on our work for assembly. We collated interview questions for Mr McCarthy and then a group of students visited the fish farm as roving reporters on a mission to find out more. We timed this visit well and were able to join in with feeding the fish for their afternoon tea. It was a sensory experience for sure with many of the students keen to wash their hands afterwards !


Notices: The blog should now be working for parents wanting to subscribe.

Reminder about wearing red and shared lunch Friday.

We still have over half of the Blog permission forms and Student information forms outstanding. This limits the material that can be shared on the blog (hence so few actual photos of students). Please return asap.

Cookie Dough orders to the office directly or via class boxes please.

In Kindess,

Mr Elder and Mrs Hawkes

Tuesday Week 3

Another busy day….


We are working hard behind the scenes as we put together our assembly for week 4 !

So much planning and student input is involved as we work hard to make our learning visible to parents and other students.

Dance: Today we began rehearsing our dance for assembly. We look forward to sharing our edited version. If students would like to practice or you can’t make it on the day and want to share the lyrics with your child here is the link


Shrove Tuesday:

The children shared in pikelets with lemon or jam this morning to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We will share mass together tomorrow in recognition of Ash Wednesday. Mass is at 1130, parents welcome.


Numeracy: Today we used our counting on strategies to investigate the amount of gravel required for each of the garden beds we helped to fill yesterday. It involved reading from a table and then choosing a subtraction or counting strategy to compare the different sized beds.

Our focus at the  moment is the jump strategy as we jump forward in tens from the smallest to the larger number.


Literacy: We continued our literacy rotation activities today. These included guided reading, creative writing, phonics activities, word work and grammar tasks. Following this we continued on with our story writing with a focus on character information that can be inferred by the reader.

Some examples we shared included :

Tom was scared. 


Tom walked into the room and hid behind the door. His heart was racing and he  was shaking as he thought about what might happen. 


Visual Arts : At the end of the day the children chose a visual arts activity based on the fish farm provocation. Mediums to choose from included clay sculpture, water colour, crayon, paper craft, and collage. A sneak peak as we don’t want to spoil our assembly surprises……

REMINDER: Just a reminder that on Friday we will be celebrating Chinese New Year by wearing RED and sharing lunch. Children are asked to bring a plate of savoury food to share. Food needs to be ready to serve and utensils provided if required. Hot food can be delivered at 1215.