Today we discussed what cyber safety means here are some ideas we came up with:


Vince: Check that games are appropriate to play and don’t talk to strangers

Georgiana: Dont click on messages that pop up on your screen it could be a scam!

Shristi: Before you do something check in with an adult

Samuel: Don’t do anything wrong and try to be safe

Jashandeep: If you are worried then ask a parent before you click

David: If it doesn’t feel right click it closed and talk to an adult

Tristan: Don’t reply to anyone in a message if you don’t know who they are, don’t let them make you do something.

Eric: If something rude comes up just get a parent to help or press the X.


Our task today was to create our own poster/flyer about cyber safety. We are asking that these are completed by Friday so some students will need to work on them at home please.



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