Friday Week 2


This morning we watched the 5PP and 5CM assembly. Here are some of our reflections

Savio:  They were telling the teachers off for not teaching they way they should

Fiona: They weren’t letting the kids use their learning powers

John: They used collaboration when they did the dance

Vince: The dance used their creativity learning power

Grace: I think they needed their creativity and curiosity learning power for slime

Jashandeep: the dance was great

Jakob: the dance was my favourite

Vince: I liked the music and the songs they used

Ryan: I liked it when they made slime

Sarah: My favourite bit was the dance

Angelina: my favourite was the slime and the dance

Bailey:  I liked that they included friendship

Brodie: I liked when they handcuffed people.


Great job 5PP and CM!


Visiting the fish farm :

After recess we had our second visit to the fishfarm. We went specifically to investigate the Nitrogen cycle at work. We learnt aboutthe sump pump and how it pumped clean water into the fish tanks and also pumped water out. We looked at the special rocks in the garden beds that allowed water to pass through, its called Scoria.

Some of us were interested in the siphon vacuum so when we came back to class we tried to find out a bit more. Stay tuned to see what we have learnt about the cycle so far.


Numeracy: This week we have been focusing on jumping to the nearest tens number when we are doing mental addition. To help with our mental strategy we have been revising friends of ten and aiming to increase the speed at which we can jump to the tens number.

Here are some online activities that have helped with this revision. You may like to practice at home.


We hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.

See you next week!


Mr Elder and Mrs Hawkes






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