Week 3 Monday



Fish Farm Visit

This morning we had an exciting visit to the fish farm and spent time helping Mr McCarthy prepare the new garden beds for planting. This involved each student helping to shovel firstly gravel and then dirt into the brand new raised garden beds that will be situated outside of the shed.

The students were excited to assist and there was much discussion about what would be planted in them and how their position (direct sun etc) would affect what we planted.

There was also discussion about how these plants may be fed by the nitrate rich water from the fish tanks.

Back in class students have been using their 100 languages to share their understanding of the nitrogen cycle and the water cycle in the fish farm. Some amazing learning and understanding has been shared so far and we look forward to sharing it with you at our assembly in Week 4.






Shrove Tuesday 

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday and will be followed by our Ash Wednesday mass on Wednesday at 1130. Today students inquired about the significance of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday to the Catholic Identity of our school. They will continue this inquiry over the next few days.

Tomorrow the children will recognise Shrove Tuesday with pancakes and jam as a treat before recess.




Tales of  Fourth Grade Nothing:

As a class we have been sharing this text as the students listen to the book being read aloud to them. Children are never too old to be read to and it is a great way to model fluency and expression . We encourage you to read to your child, listen to them read as well as encourage quiet independent reading. Each being an invaluable tool for building literacy skills. Students have the opportunity to borrow from the library each week and can choose from a range of fiction and non fiction texts. We begin our mornings with reading and it is often during this time that we may read along with the children and give them the opportunity to share the book they are reading with us.


Swimming Carnival :

A last minute reminder that if your child is wanting to participate in the Swimming carnival that the trials begin tomorrow morning 7:45am  at the Parafield Gardens Swimming Centre. Children need to be dropped off and collected by an adult.


In kindness,

Mr Elder and Mrs Hawkes





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