Tuesday Week 3

Another busy day….


We are working hard behind the scenes as we put together our assembly for week 4 !

So much planning and student input is involved as we work hard to make our learning visible to parents and other students.

Dance: Today we began rehearsing our dance for assembly. We look forward to sharing our edited version. If students would like to practice or you can’t make it on the day and want to share the lyrics with your child here is the link


Shrove Tuesday:

The children shared in pikelets with lemon or jam this morning to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We will share mass together tomorrow in recognition of Ash Wednesday. Mass is at 1130, parents welcome.


Numeracy: Today we used our counting on strategies to investigate the amount of gravel required for each of the garden beds we helped to fill yesterday. It involved reading from a table and then choosing a subtraction or counting strategy to compare the different sized beds.

Our focus at the  moment is the jump strategy as we jump forward in tens from the smallest to the larger number.


Literacy: We continued our literacy rotation activities today. These included guided reading, creative writing, phonics activities, word work and grammar tasks. Following this we continued on with our story writing with a focus on character information that can be inferred by the reader.

Some examples we shared included :

Tom was scared. 


Tom walked into the room and hid behind the door. His heart was racing and he  was shaking as he thought about what might happen. 


Visual Arts : At the end of the day the children chose a visual arts activity based on the fish farm provocation. Mediums to choose from included clay sculpture, water colour, crayon, paper craft, and collage. A sneak peak as we don’t want to spoil our assembly surprises……

REMINDER: Just a reminder that on Friday we will be celebrating Chinese New Year by wearing RED and sharing lunch. Children are asked to bring a plate of savoury food to share. Food needs to be ready to serve and utensils provided if required. Hot food can be delivered at 1215.


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