Week 4 Tuesday

Hi Everyone,

A busy day for everyone today.

Morning Reading: It was great to see so many children discussing the books they were reading this morning. We were reading everything from picture books to comics to novels from a series. Many children became interested in the My Australian Girl stories after we shared Meet Grace as a whole class. We are slowly making our way through A Friend for Grace which explores life on the convict boat.

We encourage students to keep some of their borrowed library books in their trays so that they can use them for reading during the week. Having said that there are PLENTY of books in our bookshelves that students are welcome to borrow.


Some of the learning we shared in Literacy this morning included  the guided reading group who were making use of an information text about the body. In particular we focused on the lungs and why we can’t just take lots of breaths in the morning and store the oxygen for the day so we don’t need to bother breathing again. Lots of new vocabulary was explored including words like Oxygen, Glucose, Trachea, Wind Pipe, Bronchi and membrane.

Other children were responding to the statement that Oranges are good for you. We are planning to sell fresh orange juice as part of our mission day stall. Some of the questions we explored were that if in fact oranges are good for you why shouldn’t we drink juice too often? Is there one part of the orange that is healthier ? What is it about oranges that make them so good for us.

Using correct punctuation was the focus for another group who had to apply their skills to correct some sentences that had mistakes in them.



Such a busy and buzzing numeracy session today. If you had moved around the room you would have seen children finding patterns and rules in number as they investigated what happened to the number of seats if you joined up tables in a long line. The persistence shown by the children during this task was incredible.

Others were figuring out how many   Zios and Zepts from the planet Vu had invaded us when all we could see was their legs. Strategies such as multiplication and division, number families, multiples, skip counting, number sentences all on display.

The children who chose the High Rollers task used tally marks as they skip counted by fives to find totals. Im pretty sure some of them were reading the dice numbers before the dice even landed! Their challenge was to share the data in a pictogram at the end.

And lastly some children chose the deca tree. Here is the task they tackled.


The children worked on this task over two days. So many mathematical strategies on display. Including breaking it down into a smaller problem (finding how many leaves on one trunk). Drawing a diagram or picture, underlining key parts of the question, try and check methods. Student collaboration and discussion during this task was really high and some tables had quite the buzz going with what they were going to try next and how close they were to a solution.


Catherine House Visit

Today the children were visited by a guest speaker from Catherine House. Lucy shared with us her role at Catherine House Charity which provides accomodation and services for women suffering from homelessness. Part of our fundraising profits from Mission Day will be donated to this worthwhile charity.


Health: Today the children responded to a short clip they watched yesterday. Whilst it was a humorous clip featuring Mr Bean the children were encouraged to focus on what Mr Bean’s body language told them about how he was feeling at different points in the clip. It was a fantastic way to share how our bodies might react to different feelings as well as hearing different ways to describe feelings in different situations. We are continuing to look at our bodies response to feeling unsafe or at risk and the importance of recognising those signs.

Science: Today Mr Elder introduced an inquiry project to the class. The children are encouraged to explore an element of Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths that they would like to learn more about. They are recording their individual learning goals and choosing a project to help them meet their learning goal. Stay tuned for more on this.


After School Sports

This afternoon students who were interested took a note offering them the opportunity to participate in a free after school sports program. For year 4’s the sport will be hockey. If your child is interested please send back the note ASAP as the last session filled up very quickly.


In kindness

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Elder


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