Today we shared the text The Day War Came.

Imagine if, on an ordinary day, war came. Imagine it turned your town to rubble. Imagine going on a long and difficult journey – all alone. Imagine finding no welcome at the end of it. Then imagine a child who gives you something small but very, very precious… When the government refused to allow 3000 child refugees to enter this country in 2016, Nicola Davies was so angry she wrote a poem. It started a campaign for which artists contributed drawings of chairs, symbolising a seat in a classroom, education, kindness, the hope of a future. The poem has become this book, movingly illustrated by Rebecca Cobb, which should prove a powerful aid for explaining the ongoing refugee crisis to younger readers.

Here are some of our reflections….

Vince: to give people a home and always be kind

Destiny: that we are lucky to have a home and be safe in Australia

Ai: spread kindness and share

Miriam: be kind and don’t keep things for yourself

Rachael: we should help others who are in need

Melvina: we should try to help people

Asher: let people in even if they are from different countries

Benjamin: War is about loss

Georgiana: to be kind to everyone from different countries

Aaliyah: to be grateful that you have someone

David: we can help by donating to charities

Ethan: give and share with others

Jashandeep : respect people even if you don’t know them

Becky: to always be kind to others

Mahi: never leave people out

Sarah: to help people in need

Alessandra: to be gratful for what you have

Ceclia: Gratitude that we aren’t in a war

Jakob: Be kind to others

Grace: To try to understand what they are going through

Marli: To help others and be grateful

Angelina : Help others before you help yourself

Akur: things happen for a reason

Reyven: share what you have if you don’t need it.

Denzel: to help other people and don’t be mean

Yafet: Help others not matter whether they are the same

In kindness

Mrs Hawkes

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