Library Week 5

The children were very excited today to begin reading some festive stories. Today’s book was Little Robin Red Vest.

One frosty evening, a week before Christmas, Little Robin washes and irons seven warm vests for the chilly nights to come. As the days go by, he comes across lots of shivering animals and kindly offers them his vests to wear. But – oh no! – on Christmas Eve, Little Robin is cold and alone with no vests left! That is, until a special someone arrives to reward his kindness . . .


Here are some of the reflections about the book:

What do we mean by Christmas spirit?


Grace: helping people

Yafet: Sharing and giving

Destiny: giving back to people

Ben: Sharing love and kindness

Miriam: caring for others

Jashandeep: Sharing your things with other people

Becky: Sharing your love

Vince: Believe in stuff and liking it.

Sarah: Sharing joy with others

Akur: giving and not taking

Mahi: Helping others when they need

Melvina: When you enjoy your day

Cecilia: Being happy around your family

Axel: wanting to help people and giving gifts

Jakob: When you feel happy because you are being kind to others

Marli: Give to others and it makes you a happy person

Denzel: When you share stuff with other people

Reyven: Sharing your love

David: When you help others

Angelina: Its about making other people happy

Ai: Sharing kindness with other people

Iverson: Helping people

Alessandra: caring for people

Georgiana: Care for people

Duy Hung: you and everyone are happy



4BH Assembly


The 4BH assembly in week 7 has a Christmas theme. If possible we are asking the children to wear Christmas themed clothing. Red/Green/Gold t-shirt, Christmas dress or T-shirt, reindeer ears, elf hat, Santa hat etc. We are also asking for as many children as possible to bring a pair of sunglasses to add impact to one of our routines.

We have been having a great time working with our buddies preparing for this festive celebration.

Mrs Hawkes


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