Week 1 Thursday


It’s been a busy week as we prepare for the Spring Fair. Thankyou for everyone’s donations of plants and gold coins.


Please please let us know if you can spare a little time on Sunday at the fair to help out on a stall. These community events are only successful as a result of wonderful people who volunteer their time. Many hands make light work.

A reminder that ride passes are still available from the front office and are excellent value.


Today in library we read a book called the Little Stowaway.

France. Winter. 1918. The First World War is over. An brave and determined little French orphan, Honore, wanders through the snow, cold and hungry and lost. When he stumbles on the Australian Flying Corps and meets airman, Tim Tovell, his life is changed forever. This is a story of a remarkable little stowaway and his journey to his new home in Australia


Here are some questions the children had after we had read.

Vince: were the photos in the book real

Destiny: how would the boy in the oat sack survive , could he breath

Miriam: if the photos were real, how old are they?

Benjamin: why was Australia in France during world war one

Cecili: did the  child and Tim know about the book?

Angelina: How did his family die?

Jashandeep: How long did it take for him to get to Australia

Ethan: How did he peel the orange

Mahi: How did the little boy not get caught?

Yafet: Why did he have to go in the bag?

Melvina: How did he fit inside the bag?

Becky: How old was the boy?

Rachael: How did the boy trust the man when he had no idea who he was?

Reyven: What was the boys name?

Marli: How did people find out about the oat bag?

Aaliyah: Why did they have to go on a ship and not a plane?




This week in Numeracy we have been investigating 2D and 3D shape as well as introducing angles. Today the students constructed their own angle comparison tool. Our goal is to classify and sort angles according to their size relative to a 90degree (right) angle.

Here are some photos of us locating and identifying angles in the classroom:


This term we are looking forward to learning more about the Sphero robots. At the moment we are familiarising ourselves with the robots and working towards using command blocks to code their actions.

Here are a few pics


A reminder that tomorrow is a pupil free day.


See you on Sunday at the Spring Fair.


In Kindness,

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Elder


Hi Everyone,


A reminder that tomorrow is a casual day and we are asking for donations of plants, pots or soil.

Friday is a pupil free day in preparation for our Spring Fair on Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Please let us know if you are able to volunteer any time to help us at the fair.


Unlimited ride wrist bands are also for sale via the office. These will not be for sale on the day of the fair so you need to buy them by Thursday.


In kindness

Mrs Hawkes


Today we shared the text The Day War Came.

Imagine if, on an ordinary day, war came. Imagine it turned your town to rubble. Imagine going on a long and difficult journey – all alone. Imagine finding no welcome at the end of it. Then imagine a child who gives you something small but very, very precious… When the government refused to allow 3000 child refugees to enter this country in 2016, Nicola Davies was so angry she wrote a poem. It started a campaign for which artists contributed drawings of chairs, symbolising a seat in a classroom, education, kindness, the hope of a future. The poem has become this book, movingly illustrated by Rebecca Cobb, which should prove a powerful aid for explaining the ongoing refugee crisis to younger readers.

Here are some of our reflections….

Vince: to give people a home and always be kind

Destiny: that we are lucky to have a home and be safe in Australia

Ai: spread kindness and share

Miriam: be kind and don’t keep things for yourself

Rachael: we should help others who are in need

Melvina: we should try to help people

Asher: let people in even if they are from different countries

Benjamin: War is about loss

Georgiana: to be kind to everyone from different countries

Aaliyah: to be grateful that you have someone

David: we can help by donating to charities

Ethan: give and share with others

Jashandeep : respect people even if you don’t know them

Becky: to always be kind to others

Mahi: never leave people out

Sarah: to help people in need

Alessandra: to be gratful for what you have

Ceclia: Gratitude that we aren’t in a war

Jakob: Be kind to others

Grace: To try to understand what they are going through

Marli: To help others and be grateful

Angelina : Help others before you help yourself

Akur: things happen for a reason

Reyven: share what you have if you don’t need it.

Denzel: to help other people and don’t be mean

Yafet: Help others not matter whether they are the same

In kindness

Mrs Hawkes

Excursion Week 2 Term 4



Hi Parents,

In week 2 Friday 26th October we will be going on an excursion to St Kilda. It will be a fishing based excursion and include time at the adventure playground.

We would like to give advanced warning as we need 2 parent volunteers per class to accompany us on the day.

Thanks in advance

Beth Hawkes


Moon Lantern Festival

A reminder that tomorrow is our Moon Lantern Festival celebration.

We will be having a shared lunch and each student is asked to bring in a plate of food to share. As a initiative to reduce the waste produced by using disposable plates and cutlery we are asking each student to bring their own reusable plate and fork to use tomorrow. The will bring these home with them at the end of the day.


Thank You

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Elder

Mary Poppins

Today we were very privileged to be in the front rows of the Thomas More performance of Mary Poppins.

What a treat.

Many of the stars were siblings and old scholars from Holy Family. We thoroughly enjoyed the singing, dancing, humour and special effects that were showcased this afternoon.

As teachers we were extremely proud of the way our students represented Holy Family. They were a wonderful audience and showed real appreciation of the opportunity to attend such as special performance.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying some spring weather !


In Kindness

Mrs Hawkes



Wednesday Week 6 !



Today 4BH had their library lesson and shared the text

It was a thought provoking story and children reflected with what they would do if they were Prime Minister

Ethan – I would have no work days and just fun days

David – I would help kids in Africa

Destiny – I would help save wildlife and ban burning plastics

Yafet – I would makes schools

Miriam – I would help all the school children and families to be happy

Reyven – I would ban all straws

Cecilia – I would make all schools have dance classes

Asher- I would ban rubbish from Australia

Sarah – I would make it a rule that you couldn’t put plastic in the water

Mahi – I would stop rubbish going into the ocean

Jashandeep – I would make a school that welcomes everyone

Grace – I would build more homeless shelters

Axel – I would ban racism

Aaliyah – I would make a gigantic shelter with food water and clothes

Denzel – Make a treehouse and put things in it for people

Becky – I would stop rubbish from wrecking animals homes

Georgiana – I would help poor people get what they need

Vince – I would open all the old factories back working and given money to poor people

Rachael – I would ban all plastic

Duy Hung – I would ban electricity on certain days

Benjamin – I would ban factories that make pollution

Akur- I would give poor people a home and a job

Angelina- To have a week in every year that is for spending time with families

Ai- I would buld a school for everyone

Melvina- I would teach poor people about the bible

Marli – I would help people find jobs


In kindess

Mrs Hawkes