Great link for learning at home in a different language

ESL at Home: 8 Weeks, Tech Free

Have a look at his website a great learning tool for home, the idea being an ‘activity a day’ for EAL students to do.

It is a great resource because it has been translated into different languages so parents can assist the students do the activities.

Here you will find links to activities for students in grades reception through 12.

They require only paper and pencil, and some materials that can be found around the house.


E A S T E R and ideas for the H O L I D A Y S

Happy Holidays – You now get to enjoy three weeks break, keeping yourself safe at home.

Here are some ideas for your easter break:

  • Easter egg hunt
  • Making easter cards for your family
  • Treasure hunts / treasure maps where Easter egg might be hidden for your siblings, parents, those living with you
  • Create your own easter book – illustrate and be an author
  • Make your own easter joke book
  • Make things for
  • Create your own habitat for your living thing or an animal you choose at home – using things outside to create this- sticks/rocks etc
  • pretend to go camping at home
  • Make your own cubby house
  • Read lots of books
  • Ask your parents first but make your own play dough, do some cooking – write up the procedure of what you did
  • Choreograph your own dance -perform to your family
  • Learn a new trick- have you ever wanted to learn to juggle, Cartwheel,
  • Do a puzzle – make your own puzzle
  • Create your own word search
  • Flick through all newspaper or magazine or catalogues cut out things and make your own collages
  • Google some art activities you could do at home
  • Create your own little obstacle/ fitness course
  • Act out stories or books- pretend your characters from a movie
  • Play with your toys
  • Play outside
  • Create a lego world- design like an architect would on paper , then build it then write about what you have built
  • Keep a dairy
  • Write letters to your friends that you can give to them after this is done.
  • Help clean things up around your house
  • Clean your room- organise it
  • Run laps in your back yard – see if you can beat this each day
  • Do painting with water outside
  • Make your own stories
  • Play hide and seek around the house
  • Make your own musical instrument
  • Pretend play different game

Here are some of the students ideas that are still at school:

  • Make things for the Easter Bunny- Jillian
  • Build with toys, Christian
  • Play Lego with my siblings, Rhoda
  • Talking with my family, Natalie
  • Doing Pixel art, Holly
  • Drawing, Jevan
  • Make an Easter egg hunt and then collect them, Aiden
  • Ten push ups a day, Mr Perace


Online learning platforms

Reading websites

Reading eggs


Teach your monster to read:


Scholastic learn at home:–free-resources-for-school-closures.html




WRITING websites 

study ladder


writing legends


Maths websites

Khan academy