Good morning students,

Today’s learning looks like this:

Literacy: Grammar finished on flipchart today

HASS: Countries inquiry finished on flipchart today (copy or screen shot from the other flipchart if need)

Art: Pixel art finished today either on flipchart grid or on grid paper and take a photo

 Fitness: Follow the blog video

Numeracy: Multiplication finished on flipchart today


Email Mr Pearce or Mrs Nicosia if you have any questions. You can email at any time today.


Have a great day!



Good morning 4BP and 4NB,

Today you have Literacy, Maths, Science and Fitness to work on.

Literacy: BTN is on the flipchart and needs to be completed todayon the flipchart. Make a new page for your questions.

Numeracy: Maths is in the flipchart and needs to be completed today.

Science: The first part to science is to complete your animal inquiry. After you have finished your animal inquiry send it to your teacher because it should be in a separate flipchart. (If you did it on a poster or in your book and it is at school, you will need to start again at home and complete it on the computer).

Part 2: Follow the directions on the flipchart – You are creating the habitat for the same animal you chose in your animal inquiry. (Habitat is were the animal lives). You can create this on any program you like.

Fitness: Follow the video I created on the PE bloG