Thursday – Keeping safe

This morning we looked at our Keeping Safe curriculum in particular around bullying.

The goal for our students is to learn and recognise how they need to keep safe in relation to  rights, relationships, responsibilities and ethical behaviour.

Every child has the right to be safe and free from all kinds of abuse, including bullying and harassment, and neglect. Some very important topics for the students to reflect on and encouraged on how they can make a positive difference on developing a safe and supportive school.

Daisy Chain is a stunning animated short film narrated by Kate Winslet. Created by Galvin Scott Davis, the tale follows Buttercup Bree as she builds resilience using her daisy chains to spread a message of togetherness to those who are bullying her.

We watched this as a class and reflected on some of the important topics the students reflected on their thoughts around safety and wellbeing initiatives.

Riya: Stand up to the bullies, tell them how you feel.

Arnav: Don’t fight back.

Am Jack is a play by MonkeyBaa Theatre Company adapted from the book by Susanne Gervay. Jack is smart and funny and eleven years old. Jack is also being bullied and needs help. ‘I Am Jack’ focuses on the often overlooked insidious taunting and teasing that kids who bully are so adept at inflicting on those that they bully.

There are some great resources on the website below that you may like to refer to.

We then went over different scenarios on how we could react to them in a positive way and what we thought would be the best way to respond to something. Sharing responses in a positive way and respectful way. Exploring cyber bulling and bullying scenarios.

We talked about our own intentions, thinking first before you act. Taking ownership of our choices and recognising when we need to apologise.


Wednesday week 9

We started the day highlighting the importance of cyber safety and keeping our personal information private. With the internet so easily accessible to students we thought it was necessary to remind students to be aware of the things that they engage in. With the world at their fingertips it is important for us as educators to encourage students to think about the things that they engage in in their own time. Keeping personal information private is an extremely important factor in keeping our students safe on the internet.


Everyone is unique with their own individual skills and interests. For art we started working on portraits of ourselves. We all view things and ourselves differently and we incorporated that into our lesson today. Students were given the freedom to choose their own style of art to focus on and incorporate it into their portraits. It was fantastic to see how engaged students were, using their critical and creative skills to continue drawing and find ways to change and improve their technique. We spent the lessons focusing on facial features and used our shading skills to add depth into our drawings.

Tuesday 17th September

Today is Tuesday and Numeracy day. The children love to be involved in different games and activities which stimulate their thinking skills.

However, we began our day with silent reading and this morning, you could actually hear a pin drop. It is a discipline to be able to read quietly and understand what you are reading when there are slight distractions.

The children had lots of fun with different numeracy provocations. They could choose from coin stamping and adding up the total, playing snakes and ladders times tables, times table challenge using the whiteboards, farm game where the children had to count and differentiate the animals and group them according to different features. This then led to recording the number of animals using fractions, playing cards where the children had to make up their own multiplication, making a shopping list from catalogues and adding up the total.


We also became hot and sweaty doing our 14 day challenge.

We also had PE and had a go at Dictation. The children are getting tired as it is getting closer to the end of the term.

Next Tuesday we are going to have a construction day – we can’t wait, but we really need your help to bring as many different size boxes as you can. The more boxes we collect, the more imaginative we can be.

Thankyou in advance.

Wednesday week 8

We started our day with numeracy and students continued exploring the concept of time and solved a series of questions ranging in difficulty to challenge students and give them more practice at solving questions involving time. Students used their perseverance to work through the questions and helped one another, showing their belonging and teamwork.

After recess we all continued to show our teamwork as we continued with the 14 day fitness challenge. Students worked together and encouraged each other to keep going.

Art is an area of interest for many of the students in 4MR and 4PB. It is a great opportunity for students to show their creativity and individuality to their peers. Focusing on still art, students were given the freedom to not only draw but show everyone how and what they saw in front of them. Each student see’s things differently and has their own individual style, by allowing them to do art, it provides them with the opportunity to share that with the class.

Continuing with earth sciences we explored erosion and the effects that it has on our environment. Students began to research the topic to deepen their knowledge and understanding.

Friendship prayer, Fraction and Fun

This morning we had a beautiful prayer around friendship. The children sang, participated and prayed together as a community so lovely. We thank Rosie and Mr Urdanoff for coming and Mrs Braiotta for all her hard work.

IMG_1472 IMG_1482

Fractions and time

Today we got to use our own agency to learn and take our own learning in the direction we wanted. Challenging ourselves trying new things and using our fraction and time knowledge through play. Some of the students choose to to challenge themselves with problem solving questions, whilst others made their own fraction cakes, played time games, taught each other new time knowledge. The pictures show how engaged the students were. The classroom was buzzing and the students used their creativity, perseverance, teamwork and numeracy skills.


Monday 9th September

This morning the Royal Adelaide Show fever was still alive as some children brought toys and lollies from their showbags.

We had to quickly complete our lantern making, ready for the judging later this morning.


They are really good and we can’t wait for the judging.

Tomorrow morning at 9.00 am we will be having our class prayer service in our classroom. We would love to see as many of you as we can to help us celebrate the gift of friendship. Jesus taught us to love one another and to treat each other with kindness.

We also had reading comprehension activities about the Moon Festival.

“Use comprehension strategies to build literal and inferred meaning to expand content knowledge, integrating and linking ideas and analysing and evaluating texts (ACELY1692 ­ Scootle )”

This was a challenging task and many students had to keep re-reading the text to answer the questions correctly.

All in all, the day was productive.

Please remember : CLASS PRAYER SERVICE – Tomorrow 9.00 am in the classroom.

Thursday 5th September

Today, some of our students attended the Touch Football Carnival. They certainly had beautiful weather on their side.

The remainder of us engaged in silent reading and Mrs Nicosia and Mrs Braiotta were able to do some running records and listen to children read.

After recess we continued with our 14 day fitness challenge. The children do various exercises for one minute and record how many they were able to do in that time. They did star jumps, push ups, sit ups,up downs and heads up. When they have finished, they find their pulse and count how many beats times six to find out their heart rate.

We had our mass today and we were celebrating the birthday of Mary, mother of Jesus.

After lunch we were very privileged to have a cricket clinic and it was a fantastic way to end our day.


Wednesday Week 7

We started the day with sitting the students down and discussing the importance of a growth mindset using a cup as a metaphor. Students then demonstrated this through engaging in the 9 dot challenge which involved connecting all 9 dots using 4 straight lines without taking their pen off the page. Students really embraced this challenge and it was great to see them all have a go and share their ideas with each other.

After this activity students then started their numeracy task that introduced mixed fractions and linking this concept with time. By creating a timetable of their day students then had to use mixed fractions to indicate what activity they do at what time of the day.

After Recess we did some indoor fitness involving a range of exercises to get everyone’s heart rate up. Recording their reps and heart rates as part of a 14 day challenge. Students are able to then keep record of their progress and see how far they progress as they continue the challenge.

After fitness 4PB went to Spanish while 4MR stayed back and did reading comprehension.

When 4PB came back from Spanish both classes sat down and did some art. Focusing on shading to add detail to our drawings and make them look 3D. Students all worked well individually using their growth mindset; they had a go at drawing a circle and shading it in a way to turn it from a 2D circle to an illusion of a 3D sphere.


Numeracy investigations

Today the students had numeracy play, our focus was on multiplication and fractions.

It was great to see all the students engaged, leading their own learning, extending themselves and working together.

Play provides an important ‘context for learning’ where children are able to explore ideas, solve problems, make connections and engage with others. We have been focusing this term on multiplication and fractions and the provocations set up allowed the students to build on their essential life skills. The children are exposed to literacy and numeracy learning through hands-on, practical and play-based experiences, they are more likely to engage meaningfully and successfully with them.