Wednesday week 4

This morning the students were introduced to the concept of fractions. As a class we had a discussion on what students knew about fractions and how we use and see fractions in our everyday lives. Students were able to share their prior knowledge and understanding of fractions.Some students shared their responses when asked ‘What are fractions?’

Haadi – Fractions are equally split up

Alex R – Fractions are quarters

Riya – Fractions can be quarters, halves, eighths

Fractions tell us how many parts of a whole we have. With this understanding students moved away to then work through different activities to explore this concept and apply their knowledge.

After recess students had the opportunity to experiment with different modes and investigate the different effects and techniques to achieve different visual outcomes. Students were given the choice to choose between water paint, acrylic paint, oil pastels and drawing. This art activity provided students with the opportunity to explore different effects and outcomes from using different modes. Using their critical and creative thinking to investigate with the modes.


4PB then left to go to their Spanish lesson while 4MR spent some time out for some fitness.

Before lunch 4PB and 4MR went out for lunch we came back together to continue with our art investigations.


After lunch students continued with their landmarks task. Students were asked to choose a state and provide information about the different landmarks and activities the state had to offer.


Overall, today was a busy day with lots of learning and investigation. It was amazing to see everyone engaged in their learning and helping and encouraging each other to complete their tasks.

Tuesday week 4

Today the students came in and participated in come read with me. Reading individual or with a teacher.

To finish off our numeracy provocations today we got challenged with some problem solving questions. Us educate were impressed with the effort and knowledge the children put into the answer them. Some choose to use pictures to help solve the problems and coming up with the equations and solutions.



The children had a go at the RELAT practise test which will be completed in week 6.

The children used their creativity and imaginations to continue to write their narrative stories. Us teachers love reading them and seeing the ideas the children had come up with. We are challenging the children to add descriptive writing  to their  stories.

Our Grammar focus today was editing our work making sure we are using full stops, capital letters, commas, speech and correct punctuation.

We were too busy being engaged so we didn’t get any photos!

Today the students were busy writing their narratives. The past two weeks we had been planning our stories focusing on different narrative concepts to write the most perfect story.

We were impressed that the students were now able to have a go at putting it in a writing format, remembering to use full stops, capital letters, paragraphs and adding detail to their writing.

  • Character
  • Setting
  • Opening
  • Build up
  • Dilemma
  • Resolution
  • Closing

Recess- After recess we practised our maths skills then went and had a school photos and library.

Goat On a Boat

When a goat arrives on a rocky island, the resident sheep are afraid he’ll eat all their grass. But this goat has hidden talents. This humorous story for children has an important message to convey.

In the afternoon we had RELAT revision-

What was the story of Zaccheus about?

  • What job did he do?
  • Why was he hiding in a tree?
  • What did Jesus do when he saw Zaccheus?
  • How did Zaccheus react to the kindness of Jesus?
  • How did he make things better?

Who was Bartimaeus?

  • Why did he want to go to Jesus?
  • What did Jesus do for him?
  • What made Bartimaeus well?

Retell the story of the Ten Lepers

  • Why did they go to see Jesus?
  • What did Jesus do?
  • How many of them came back to say “thankyou”
  • What did Jesus have to say about this?

What did Jesus choose Moses to do?

  • Where did Moses lead the people?
  • Did the Egyptian king want to let the people go?
  • What miracle did God do to allow Moses to get the people to the other side of the sea?
  • Why did God choose Moses?

We finished the day with song practise for our mass this Thursday.

Snakes and ladders and Inquiry!!!!

Terrific Tuesday – today we started our day with a snake and ladders challenge the children were asked to create their own snakes and ladders games instead of numbers using timetables. The children used their team work, creativity numeracy skills, self regulation to create their own games. It was great to see the students working together, sharing their ideas whilst practising their numeracy skills.


The students have been working on lots of different inquires this term. The students got some independent learning time to lead their own learning and research. Many of the students choose to finish off their explorations around living things, food webs and research they had conducted on the animals in the Mudla. Then students had a go at making a brochure for a place you can visit in Australia, researching and looking into the important landmarks you can find and see. Providing detail and their own touch on how they present it. Lots of the students choose to use their ICT skills trying out new and different programs. The goal for the students are to lead their own learning during this time, they get to choose what they are researching, then use one of their many languages to present it.

Monday 5th August

Here we are everyone, already in the month of August. Time just seems to be flying by so quickly.

This morning, the children settled down quickly and we began the day looking at the symbols of the 7 Sacraments.


We had library time today and our story was called Joey and Riley. Many children were able to associate with Joey who had a wonderful connection with his pet dog.

We then continued with our detailed planning of our narrative. The last lesson of the day consisted of singing practice with the whole school in preparation for Mary MKillop mass on Thursday.



Magnificent Monday

This morning we went out for a play to get some fresh air and exercise. We find that this really helps to settle us down after we have returned to school after the weekend.

When we came back to class, we began to share stories with a partner so that we could generate ideas for our writing.


We then shared some ideas with the whole class. Here are some ideas that students wrote:

Sam: haunted house, evil fat dentist, the scary ghost family.

Lia: the abandoned child

Sienna: rush plush

Kai: showdown

Minh: money guy

Aymen: the time I went to Spain

Malakhai: colonisation in Pluto

Alex M:  colonising Mars

Shashant: the virus

Aarnav: a trip to the movies

Blessings: the famous dancer

Devon: the angel kids


After recess our writing journey began. Firstly, the children needed to choose one of the topics they had thought about and begin to draw up a story map and plan their story. They needed to create their setting and characters, beginning, middle and end of their story.  

Students were challenged to describe their characters and their setting. We stopped to go visit the library.

Our library book today was:

We then continued with our story planning.

Towards the end of the day we continued to explore The Sacraments.

Throughout this week we are skip counting by 4’s and singing our 4 times tables.

We had a great day.


Numeracy Tuesday!!!

Come read with me, every Tuesday and Thursday morning this term we will be doing come read with me. A chance for us to read with our friends, teachers- parents are more than welcome to join us during this time.

This term our focus is reading comprehension, we are encouraging the children to read as much as they can at home and at school.

Reading comprehension is the ability to process text, understand its meaning, and to integrate with what the reader already knows.

We asked the students to explore What is multiplication?

Aymen: timestables

Shashant: So if it says 2 X 6 it technically means 2 groups of six.

Seanna: timing different numbers over again.

Cam: the number goes higher.

Malakhai: it’s making group, or it is like skip counting, like skip counts for example by 8.

Today we got given numeracy provocations to working

Today we got given numeracy provocations to work through practising and applying our timetable knowledge.

Some of the provocations can be seen below. We are encouraging the students to practise their timetables because by the end of the year they need to know up to their 9 timetables. We will be working with the children in class on fun, playful ways to learn them.



After we explored and worked through these provocations Our focus today was our three times tables we had a go at practising and learning them together through a song. Then as a class we worked together to remember them!

I wonder if our year 4s can practise and share what they learnt at home, adding three each time.

We then had some fitness before it was time for 4MR to head to spot.

After lunch 4MR had Spanish and 4 PB had sport whilst the other class worked on their grammar knowledge around conjunctions and then had free play.



Monday 22nd July

Today felt like we had never left. The children were happy to be re-united with their friends and were enthusiastic to begin a new term.

We began the day with a visit to the playground and enjoyed the sunshine and opportunity to exercise our bodies.

We then had literacy and the children needed to write about their school holidays. There were a few activities that the children needed to do, such as……”Recount a special day you had in the holidays, what would you have liked to do in the holidays,describe a place you went to writing with the experience of your senses – what did it smell like, look like, feel like….

The final activity was to edit their work.”

We then had library time

Our book today was 

This book was all about reading lots of books in order to get ideas for writing stories.

After lunch we looked at the sacraments.

In particular, we looked at the story of Zaccheus, the tax collector.

How did Jesus model forgiveness in his words and actions ?

What did he say to Zaccheus?

Minh: He said he will love Zacceheus

Djaran: Instead of hating Zacceheus he tried to talk to Zaccehues and helps him do the right thing

Seanna: Jesus helped Zaccheus and it worked

Amira: Jesus inspired Zaccheus to stop

Haadi: Jesus taught Zaccheus to stop taking the money

Cam: Jesus asked Zaccheus if he could come over his house

Bon: Jesus told Zaccheus he could be a nice person if he tried

Alex: You are forgiven by God

The children then retold the story in their own words and illustrations.