Monday 22nd July

Today felt like we had never left. The children were happy to be re-united with their friends and were enthusiastic to begin a new term.

We began the day with a visit to the playground and enjoyed the sunshine and opportunity to exercise our bodies.

We then had literacy and the children needed to write about their school holidays. There were a few activities that the children needed to do, such as……”Recount a special day you had in the holidays, what would you have liked to do in the holidays,describe a place you went to writing with the experience of your senses – what did it smell like, look like, feel like….

The final activity was to edit their work.”

We then had library time

Our book today was 

This book was all about reading lots of books in order to get ideas for writing stories.

After lunch we looked at the sacraments.

In particular, we looked at the story of Zaccheus, the tax collector.

How did Jesus model forgiveness in his words and actions ?

What did he say to Zaccheus?

Minh: He said he will love Zacceheus

Djaran: Instead of hating Zacceheus he tried to talk to Zaccehues and helps him do the right thing

Seanna: Jesus helped Zaccheus and it worked

Amira: Jesus inspired Zaccheus to stop

Haadi: Jesus taught Zaccheus to stop taking the money

Cam: Jesus asked Zaccheus if he could come over his house

Bon: Jesus told Zaccheus he could be a nice person if he tried

Alex: You are forgiven by God

The children then retold the story in their own words and illustrations.



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