Numeracy Tuesday!!!

Come read with me, every Tuesday and Thursday morning this term we will be doing come read with me. A chance for us to read with our friends, teachers- parents are more than welcome to join us during this time.

This term our focus is reading comprehension, we are encouraging the children to read as much as they can at home and at school.

Reading comprehension is the ability to process text, understand its meaning, and to integrate with what the reader already knows.

We asked the students to explore What is multiplication?

Aymen: timestables

Shashant: So if it says 2 X 6 it technically means 2 groups of six.

Seanna: timing different numbers over again.

Cam: the number goes higher.

Malakhai: it’s making group, or it is like skip counting, like skip counts for example by 8.

Today we got given numeracy provocations to working

Today we got given numeracy provocations to work through practising and applying our timetable knowledge.

Some of the provocations can be seen below. We are encouraging the students to practise their timetables because by the end of the year they need to know up to their 9 timetables. We will be working with the children in class on fun, playful ways to learn them.



After we explored and worked through these provocations Our focus today was our three times tables we had a go at practising and learning them together through a song. Then as a class we worked together to remember them!

I wonder if our year 4s can practise and share what they learnt at home, adding three each time.

We then had some fitness before it was time for 4MR to head to spot.

After lunch 4MR had Spanish and 4 PB had sport whilst the other class worked on their grammar knowledge around conjunctions and then had free play.



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