Magnificent Monday

This morning we went out for a play to get some fresh air and exercise. We find that this really helps to settle us down after we have returned to school after the weekend.

When we came back to class, we began to share stories with a partner so that we could generate ideas for our writing.


We then shared some ideas with the whole class. Here are some ideas that students wrote:

Sam: haunted house, evil fat dentist, the scary ghost family.

Lia: the abandoned child

Sienna: rush plush

Kai: showdown

Minh: money guy

Aymen: the time I went to Spain

Malakhai: colonisation in Pluto

Alex M:  colonising Mars

Shashant: the virus

Aarnav: a trip to the movies

Blessings: the famous dancer

Devon: the angel kids


After recess our writing journey began. Firstly, the children needed to choose one of the topics they had thought about and begin to draw up a story map and plan their story. They needed to create their setting and characters, beginning, middle and end of their story.  

Students were challenged to describe their characters and their setting. We stopped to go visit the library.

Our library book today was:

We then continued with our story planning.

Towards the end of the day we continued to explore The Sacraments.

Throughout this week we are skip counting by 4’s and singing our 4 times tables.

We had a great day.


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