Snakes and ladders and Inquiry!!!!

Terrific Tuesday – today we started our day with a snake and ladders challenge the children were asked to create their own snakes and ladders games instead of numbers using timetables. The children used their team work, creativity numeracy skills, self regulation to create their own games. It was great to see the students working together, sharing their ideas whilst practising their numeracy skills.


The students have been working on lots of different inquires this term. The students got some independent learning time to lead their own learning and research. Many of the students choose to finish off their explorations around living things, food webs and research they had conducted on the animals in the Mudla. Then students had a go at making a brochure for a place you can visit in Australia, researching and looking into the important landmarks you can find and see. Providing detail and their own touch on how they present it. Lots of the students choose to use their ICT skills trying out new and different programs. The goal for the students are to lead their own learning during this time, they get to choose what they are researching, then use one of their many languages to present it.

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